Professional skills

  • Design of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI)
  • Full-stack web development
  • Graphics for software and web (UI elements, icons, illustrations)
  • Brand and identity (logotypes, guidelines, presentations)

Managerial skills

  • Managing design systems and guidelines
  • Creating and maintaining team workflows and processes
  • Planning product features
  • Prototyping, user-testing
  • Writing and maintaining documentation

Technical skills

  • Web: HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Back-end: PHP, NGINX, MySQL, Bash
  • Tools and Applications: Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator Pro, Jira/Confluence, Git/SVN/Mercurial, CLI, etc.

2020—2021: Yandex

School Math from Yandex.Praktikum   ·   show commentary

  • Prototyping and user-testing
  • Design of  UI and UX
  • Developing and optimizing production workflow

2013—2019: Reasoning Mind, Inc

Blueprint   ·   show commentary

  • Product-management assisting
  • Prototyping and user-testing
  • Design of  UI and UX
  • Developing and optimizing production workflow

Blueprint Teacher Interface   ·   show commentary

  • Product-management
  • Design of  UI and UX

Administrator Interface   ·   show commentary

  • UI design

Reasoning Mind Brand   ·   show commentary

  • Brand guidelines & templates
  • Presentations & marketing materials

2001—2013: Freelancer

Selected projects:

Personal Projects


In 2003 I started Vladstudio website as  a way to share my digital pictures in the form of desktop wallpapers. It’s done entirely by me, including design, front-end and back-end development, and 500+ pictures, available as:

  • wallpapers for all kinds of devices
  • Facebook covers
  • digital cards
  • online puzzles.
Who Stole the Moon? e-book

As part of Windypress team, I worked on Who Stole the Moon? e-book:

  • Adopted illustrations for e-book format
  • Developed our own Javascript engine for interactive reading
  • Created Windypress logo and website. New Tab for Chrome In 2021, I created and published a New Tab extension for Chrome. It makes your New Tab page unique with useful widgets and backgrounds from my website.
Who Stole the Moon? paper book In 2010, I illustrated and self-published a paper book for kids - Who Stole the Moon?.
Russian translation of "Shape Up" - a book by Baseamp Russian translation of Shape Up, an excellent book by Basecamp. The book is for product development teams who struggle to ship. I hope to get the translation published by the end of 2021.
vPass vPass is  a web-based generator of secure passwords (github).
Pixelmator Ninja Pixelmator Ninja is  my little hobby project. I stumbled upon Pixelmator Pro while searching for a Photoshop alternative. After using it for some time, I liked it enough to create a whole website dedicated to it!
Wardrobe for Chrome & Firefox Wardrobe is  a small browser extension that allows you to put tabs into it and take them out later.
Bouquet I created Wedding bouquet tossing simulator for my own wedding during lockdown in April 2020.

About & contacts

Age: 41
Location: Moscow, Russia. Experienced in working remotely
Languages: English (fluent), Russian (native)
E-mail (preferred): or this form
Telegram: @vladstudio
Social: Facebook, Instagram

Local time in Moscow: 7:43 pm

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