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Vladstudio is the project of digital artist Vlad Gerasimov.
Since 1998, I've created 500+ digital art pieces, available as:

What people say

Peter Dackers 16 June 2009 A Cheshire Kitten
Wonderful, haha! This will be my new wallpaper for a long time ;)
Vit Svarc 10 November 2009 A Bug
It is great how you are working with the colors, lighting, shadows, really great. Please, create full design for gnome desktop enviroment (For example in Ubuntu)! It can bet it would be the best theme for this system.
Valeena 6 September 2021 The Night Drive
I absolutely love this. When I was a little girl into my mid teens, my family and I used to go for long weekends about five hours or away from our home. We used to leave right after my Father would get home from work on Thursday or Friday. This picture reminds me of when we drove to Montreal from New Jersey. Part of our trip was through rural and forest areas until we would reach the highway in New York State (we lived on the border of NY and NJ) that would take us all of the way to the Canadian border. Thank you so much for this wonderful memory.
Geoff Gilbert 25 October 2018 The Starry Night (Tribute to Van Gogh)
It's beautiful and then you realise how much work went into creating it. Thank you

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I will be sending most of my winter earnings to WFU.WORLD – they buy and deliver furnaces and generators to Ukrainian citizens without electricity.
Good Morning Sun
Orchestra (Beige)
Orchestra (Green)
Jazz Band
Flow 9
Flow 8
Flow 7
10 February 2010 When You Are In Love
jobs is SUPERMARVELOUS!!! thank you ....!!!!!!
Flow 6
Flow 5
Flow 4
Flow 3
Flow 2
Flow 1
Old Tbilisi (Fragment)
Blue and Yellow 2
Patrick Mills 23 August 2017 Skyline
So beautiful and calming. I'm so glad you're doing some new pieces - your work delights me every time I look at my computer. Thank you.
Old Kyiv
Ukrainian Embroidery: Ternopil
Ukrainian Embroidery: Mykolaiv
Ukrainian Embroidery: Kherson
Ukrainian Embroidery: Sumy
Ukrainian Embroidery: Kirovohrad

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