Vlad Gerasimov  ·  2 September 2005
I found an old pencil sketch in  my archive, and manipulated it into the wallpaper. Hope you'll like it!

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FeDe  ·  long ago
I´m from a reeeeally far away country, and I´ve been travelling around the world (through WWW of course) looking for a wallpaper like this one. It´s just... fantastic. REAL thanks and congratulations for your work and unique talent... you make people happier!

F K  ·  long ago

omar  ·  long ago
oye yo he pasado horas buscando buenas paginas web sobre wallpapers hasta que encontre esta y te digo que es la mejor que visto hasta ahora, tiene una resolucion unica, trabajos asombrosos y siempre manteniendo lo que es.... bueno ya he hablado demasiado, en resumen sigue asi, me encanta tu trabajo hombre!

Beata  ·  long ago
my love cello (L)

bany  ·  long ago
wahoooo nice pic....cool i like it:-)

bany  ·  long ago
wahoooo nice pic....cool i like it:-)

Ranjkar  ·  long ago
Vlad Is Great ! You Work Is OK !(Y)

Zbych  ·  long ago
This is my favorite!!!!Thanks for great work!!

tiki  ·  long ago
:-) awesome picture, too bad i'm a violinist!!!;-)

era  ·  long ago

inem  ·  long ago
I have been following you since you were still art.softshape. I LOVE your wallpapers, and when companion pulled this one up i thought it was absolutely beautiful. The colors, the profile, everything. beautiful

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
hehe :)

Jennifer  ·  long ago
Oh this is awesome... I'm sad there's not a dual screen version!!

PSI, Holland  ·  long ago
Can i have one with a clarinet?! This is a vibrant pic! Find yourself a copy of "De Profundis", by the Krakow Klezmer Band, play it and you know what i mean by that.

Bhagwat Singh  ·  long ago
Excellent.................. Excellent............... Excellent. I Highly appreciated your Wallpaper

One Drop  ·  long ago
So simple..., so beautiful! Thanks!

Thanks  ·  long ago
cool, i like it!!!

Andrey  ·  long ago
It's my favourite wallpaper!!! I think it's the BEST!!! :)

de ViRi  ·  long ago
love at first sight!

Anastasia  ·  long ago
It's one of my favourit wallpapers! This one is a.... MASTERPIECE! I appreciate your work. Just thanks

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