Micro Animals - Horse

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  18 October 2007
Micro Animals - handle with care :-) These are not photos, as you can guess! Made entirely in Adobe Photoshop. The drawing technique is very similar to  my previous wallpaper, see Tutorials page!

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carolifen  ·  long ago
XD it's cute (i like this micro animals layout :simple, clean, detail and focus) it looked like wallpaper from 3d animation film!!! amazing!! (would you like to introduce this little horse's name? horsey, horshyu, horuru? ;))

Kristen  ·  long ago
You are incredible. I love your vision. I love your images. I want to make a copy of your brain and download these abilities and this wonderful, affectionate imagination into my own HEAD!!!

Facu  ·  long ago

Suzana  ·  long ago
I love this little horse, he's so cute!!! Another awesome wallpaper by my favorite wallpaper artist!!!

la de da  ·  long ago

zaty  ·  long ago
that hors hase for lags

mick  ·  long ago
i love horses that hors is cut

Câline  ·  long ago
This horsey is very nice... I'love to see a turtle!!

Pocho  ·  long ago
What a nice horse? Sweet... [inlove]

Jaideep  ·  long ago
In childhood I used to dream of having a pony of this definition, exactly. Wow! Now I have it on my desktop if not a one for real,

monk  ·  long ago
hehe, rly cool

none  ·  long ago
Nice, i like the little horesy

ann  ·  16 January 2008
so cute!!!!!!!!

Dave  ·  16 January 2008

:: saathiyaana :  ·  15 April 2008
looks so innocent n loveable..!! very nice..indeed..!!

:: saathiyaana :  ·  16 April 2008
very charming..!! one suggestion: if possible...plz creat all your these micro animals on one wallpaper as making parade..!!.i.e:your giraffe,horse,elephant..they looks so innocent on the screen..!!

varun   ·  22 April 2008
cool yaa i like that

Sii  ·  12 July 2009
Beautiful wallpaper! Excellent work!

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