Vlad Gerasimov  ·  26 July 2004
hard to describe...

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crystalpegasus  ·  long ago
After losing your link for over a year I finally found you again and it makes me so happy to see your art once again :-) I couldn't make skins that were as good as your art and so didn't do it, would not have done you justice!

Vanille  ·  long ago
... every child is an artist... but there is a problem: how to stay an artist, when you are grown-up... ...keep you secret...

consider_phlebas  ·  long ago
I feel the drums echo through the night....

GP  ·  long ago
Great as always, keep up the good work! :-D

Koekto  ·  long ago
Great... :-) Will you make a blue version? ;-)

Strothman  ·  long ago
This one has settled. Thank you.

ghoti  ·  long ago
i love how it's off-centered. it adds to the charm.

Maryam  ·  long ago
There is just this strip that pops out from the bottom with all these designs! makes u think & for some reason..i see a women's figure! lol.. unique once again!!!! : )

JLM- USA  ·  long ago
awesome, but not excatly my thing. but keep doing what you are doing you are getting a lot better since the last time I was here.

Disguise  ·  long ago
Im unable to view any of your dual monitor pics in jpeg. :(

Jaideep  ·  long ago
"Rich Ethnicity" is all i can say (L)  ·  long ago
wow!!too good (Y)

Swagato  ·  18 May 2008
Why not make it available in different color schemes, like Blue, Green, Yellow etc? That would be great too! :-)

Rit@  ·  21 May 2008
defenetly NO... I hate it..... sorryyy :(:(

JS  ·  5 October 2008
I just found this one and I think it would look great as a print (to which you offer). Love it on the desktop, would love it even more on the wall ;)

Anita  ·  13 May 2014
B-E-A-utiful! :D

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