Tend To Zero (Hot)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  18 April 2004
reposting old wallpaper that was accidentally erased from database. It was made with UltraFractal and Photoshop. Blue version is available, click PREVIOUS to see it. Thanks!

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Desst  ·  long ago
Хотелось бы узнать, как создаются эти обои (типа, какие программы используются, используются ли фото и т.п.)? Просто интересно :-)

Suzana  ·  long ago
this gold is glorious---the lighter shade gives this wallpaper a glowing effect. I also heartily agree with Rebecca, comment #1, it is a fabulous fall color---how about one in either a burgundy or dark green for Christmas; or a winter-themed in white with blue accents and snowflake graphics???

asfd  ·  long ago

chelsea  ·  long ago

dr.doom  ·  long ago
well sir, i must say, this picture has me at my computer a little more often, but i decided it would be cool if i got both "hot" and "blue" together, and you probably already thought of this, but i made it change back and forth every 5 seconds, adding to my already to untimely sessions at the screen of my imac. :-D

Hadi iهاد®  ·  long ago
ohhhhhhhhh wawa i like golden form and golden color design thk (y)

구름  ·  long ago
멋진 프랙탈이미지네여

synergist  ·  long ago
this looks like practal image...how did you do this? (Y) awesome golden practal image! (Y) can you tell me how to make some great image like this?

toni  ·  long ago
Crei que nunca diria algo asi, pero creo que voy a registrarme....(Y)......;-)

JLM- USA  ·  long ago
hey k_roberts.!!! i love it !!!

Rebecca  ·  long ago
Yeah... THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! I love this one! I loved it in blue & I love it in these fabulous fall colors. Any more variations of this to come? I sure hope so!!! (Y)

k_roberts  ·  long ago
its pretty but nothing i would use as a backround

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
Desst - будете смеяться, как раз сейчас сижу перевожу!

Desst  ·  long ago
Согласен с k_roberts. Кстати, Влад, почему не сделаешь русский сайт?

Sven  ·  long ago
Wow, nice to see you use such programs to create these wallpapers (Y)

crystalpegasus  ·  long ago
I'll never get any work done staring at this :-)

Joe  ·  22 March 2008
After the KDE Version here ist the Gnome Version

csw  ·  2 November 2008
Just awesome

Avril  ·  10 October 2011
gold money :D

Evelyn  ·  13 May 2014
Mandelbrot would love this one, and i also do :)

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