Traffic Lights

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  10 October 2006
Wait wait walk!

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andrea  ·  long ago

Câline  ·  long ago
Very funny! I'm waiting for the Halloween wallpaper too :-)

Deepu Nair  ·  long ago
Very Nice, Great Work (Y)

Ramazan  ·  long ago
Çok harika olmuş, çok sevdim. Yapanı tebrik ederim... (Y) ( it is perfect! i love it. congratulations to author... )

  ·  long ago
ïà Àðíà å!

MaGaLy  ·  long ago
NiCe ... jejejejeje!!!!

Douglas  ·  long ago
I really like it!!!!

toofan  ·  long ago
very very very......

Faruk  ·  long ago
thank you so much , it remindes me my childhood . (L)

karla  ·  long ago
su trabajo es impresionante, gracias por las atenciones que nos dan a los que estamos suscriptos ;-)

poppy  ·  long ago
it's so cute :)

hannah  ·  long ago
rasta man vibration!!!!! (l)

Rob  ·  long ago
Really sweet but could you do one without the people?

Tiger  ·  long ago
So Cute :-D

lina  ·  long ago
They are perfect! That is just what I want, Thank you very much!

running  ·  long ago
So great! (Y) Keep the good work.

air  ·  long ago
incredible! please make a tutorial for this picture....

JimiP  ·  long ago
Absolutely amazing. I have surfed the web for someone with your kind of talent and I believe I just found my favorite artist. There is inspiration to be had here. This image has so much character and feeling put into it and that's what everyone likes to see. Keep up the good work. -JimiP

Jeni~J  ·  long ago
So cute! My kids love it.

cem mutlu  ·  long ago

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