Schwarze Katze, weiße Katze (Farbe 3)


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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  31 January 2011
This is the color variation of previous wallpaper. My favorite holiday, Valentine's Day, is coming soon! So here is  my first submission this year, dedicated to love. It  is inspired by felt toys made by Polina, a girl living in  my city, Irkutsk. You can check out her works at As always, drawn in Adobe Photoshop. I had to invent my own brushes to recreate felt effect. I'll try to write a tutorial (if only I had enough time for all tutorials I want to write! Oooo). Thanks!

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Robin Bagley  ·  2 February 2011
So pretty! I can't wait to use all the colors throughout the next week or so!

Vida Hernaus  ·  17 February 2011
love the mood in this! :)

  ·  9 March 2011
çok beğendimmm:D

吴昌瑞  ·  17 July 2011

Tomas Marny  ·  10 February 2012

Minh Toàn  ·  13 March 2013
Wao , it is really awesome . Thank you very much :v

Love_Ly  ·  19 January 2014

SAMREYBEN  ·  19 May 2016
Did you have the PDF of the 4X3 Please I need it Thank you

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