“...some truly amazing digital art wallpapers”

― cnet.com

Vladstudio is the project of digital artist Vlad Gerasimov.
Since 1998, I've created 500+ digital art pieces, available as:

David 9 December 2009
Beautiful, this may very well get me to buy a subscription!
Andreas Jensen Gjellesvik 4 January 2008
I love these beautiful, calm wallpapers!
Frost 20 July 2009
Vlad, you're the coolest artist ever. Your work never ceases to amaze me.
Eva 24 February 2021
It's one of the rare cases when a promotional email brightens your day:) Thank you for the beauty you create, Vlad, the fan of your art forever :)

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Here are some of Vlad.studio's most popular pictures:
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shay 6 April 2010
Amazing as always! Thanks so much for finding time in your busy schedule to create some more wallpapers for us!
A Cheshire Kitten
Air Lines 2
The Tree of Books
Google Library