“...some truly amazing digital art wallpapers”

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Vladstudio is the project of digital artist Vlad Gerasimov.
Since 1998, I've created 500+ digital art pieces, available as:

What people say

mikeg 25 October 2008 Pianist
Well, this is quintessential Vlad. Amazing combinations of color and texture, mastery of technique, whimsical theme and a cartoonish element somewhere in the composition. Sometimes the cartoonish aspect is well-integrated (as in "Punctuation") and sometimes it seems willfully incongruous or ironic, like graffiti slapped on top of a masterpiece. Like many here, I'm in love with Vlad's art. But living with the cartoon octopus is a struggle. At the same time, we must realize the composition would be empty, dark and lonely without it. At the risk of offending genius, I try to imagine our pianist without dark stripes and the bulging cartoon eyes replaced by classic Ray-Ban shades with burnt orange lenses. Would that work? Would "Pianist" still be recognizable around the world as a Vlad? If I could answer those questions, I might be creating popular works of art myself instead of slaving 9 to 5 [LOL]!
puddinhead13 9 May 2010 The World Map of Small Towns
I've actually been to one of the small towns in the Northwest, Ketchum that is. Although small, the local area is home to many celebs such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Carole King, and more. Thanks for including a piece of the state of Idaho, USA.
Dash 2 July 2022 The First Flight
came across your website today and it's been a joy to go though all of them. pretty much every art of yours seems to align to my personal interest. so glad that you exist and have the ability to put your imagination into canvas. thank you!
Mary 27 November 2009 Sandal
Hello! I just want to say I really appreciate the beautiful wallpapers you create. They are so unique and colorful. I have a nature photography wallpaper site and I created a list of the top wallpaper sites of 2009 and your site is at the very top of the list! I look forward to seeing more of your creations :)

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I will be sending most of my winter earnings to WFU.WORLD – they buy and deliver furnaces and generators to Ukrainian citizens without electricity.
My Emotions Chart
Sonya Walking
Sabaduri Forest
Flow 14
Flow 13
Flow 12
Flow 11
Kelcey 11 November 2019 I Feel Good
Love the bright warm colours - this would make anyone's day better:)
Bird Bird Bird Bird (Winter edition)
The Power of Imagination (Christmas Edition)
Good Morning Sun
Orchestra (Beige)
Orchestra (Green)
Jazz Band
Flow 9
toni 25 May 2009 Save The Planet
i absolutely love this picture. something about it makes me ache inside, but in a good way. thank you for sharing.
Flow 7
Flow 6
Flow 5
Flow 4
Flow 3

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