Dear Moon, Merry Christmas

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Vlad Gerasimov 24 November 2019
And happy 2020 to everyone!
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Jeff Toomb 24 November 2019
Dear Vlad, Merry Christmas!
Giobatta Lanfranco 24 November 2019
Dear Vlad, it is many years I follow your great artworks, Merry Christmas, с рождеством, Buon Natale :-).
Vlad Gerasimov 24 November 2019
Dear Jeff, dear Giobatta, Merry Christmas to you too! :-)
mafernanda 25 November 2019
Dear Vlad, Merry Christmas! from Peru.
Geoff 25 November 2019
Beautiful. It joins the December Collection. Happy Christmas!
Kelcey 25 November 2019
This is breathtakingly beautiful Vlad - magical, enchanting, spellbinding - I might just have to keep it on my desktop all year round. Happy Christmas Vlad:)
Nele 25 November 2019
Václav Regner 25 November 2019
Thanks. Happy X-mass. Nice picture
Yunus 25 November 2019
Merry christmas
Luisa 25 November 2019
Bellissimo! Merry Christmas
ari 25 November 2019
excellent ! mchristmas.
Min 25 November 2019
Amazing! Thanks a lot! Merry Christmas from Malaysia! :)
MARI 25 November 2019
Happy Christmas !!
laura 25 November 2019
I love your work so much. It truly brings me happiness every day! Merry Christmas from Baltimore!
Roberta Hudgins 25 November 2019
this is going to be my favorite Christmas wallpaper, Thank you!!
Rob 25 November 2019
Beautiful! Thank you!
J.D. Haltigan 25 November 2019
Awesome! Can you do one more Autumn creation? I need another one from you that's a bit darker in tone...autumn night or first frost ideas?
Michele 25 November 2019
Merry Christmas from Texas, USA!
Pam 25 November 2019
Love this ♥ Thank you for sharing ♥ "Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to You and Yours !!
Tracy Creek 25 November 2019
Lovely and adorable!
Gaiamx 26 November 2019
I love it...
Gaiamx 26 November 2019
I love it...
Donat Gerse 26 November 2019
Donat Gerse 26 November 2019
Jeremy 26 November 2019
great always
Oana APOSTU 26 November 2019
Amazing wallpaper as always
吓煞人香 26 November 2019
Halina 26 November 2019
Piękny księżyc będzie moją świąteczną tapetą na pulpicie. Uwielbiam Twoje prace na moim laptopie. Pozdrawiam i Wesołych Świąt!!!
Erwin Van de Velde 26 November 2019
Amazing, love those colors for a wallpaper and it is so playful!
Wagner 27 November 2019
Feliz Natal! Brasil!
Don Loe 28 November 2019
One of the best - combining the moon series with Christmas. Brilliant!. Thank you so much.
Manon Leclerc 28 November 2019
Love this! Merry Christmas from Québec, Canada!
Borshonius 29 November 2019
Happy birthday for death star? :D Lovely work.
Lynn 1 December 2019
Nice photo!
jessikm 2 December 2019
hermosa!! Feliz navidad
László Szabad 4 December 2019
Merry Christmas from Australia! :-)
Justin Murray 5 December 2019
yet another beautiful christmas wallpaper. hopefully you have one more up your sleeve :)
S 8 December 2019
Merry Christmas
Palle Drost 12 December 2019
Dear Vlad I can’t seem to change size for my downloads! When I zest it for my IPhone and download, I still get a pc format/size. What to do? Love your work ☺️
Jason Rich 12 December 2019
Love them all!! Been a Fan for a long time and will always be one!
Sean 13 December 2019
Merry Christmas, Vlad. Thank you for all the joy you've brought me and my girls for these many years.
Bienseant 17 December 2019
kk 17 December 2019
Ziggy 20 December 2019
Amazing as always Vlad. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
George Mariot 21 December 2019
Merry Christmas Vlad, may God bless you for many years to come and us to continue receive your fine artwork
Merry Christmas and Happy 2020 Vlad and All
卧云居士 25 December 2019
merry Xmas
Hawk 29 December 2019
Very nice! A very happy en prosperous 2020 Vlad.
Dan Ion 3 January 2020
Николай Бицадзе 10 January 2020
С Днём Рожденья! Спасибо за хорошие эмоции!
loveyourself 20 March 2020
it's sooooo beautiful
zz 18 April 2020
Lovely and adorable!
刘怡茹 26 July 2020
Berlin 5 August 2020
toyworld 14 August 2020
thank you
monkeyming 15 September 2020
yeon 3 November 2020
missw 18 November 2020
David Bruner 10 December 2020
Very nice as always! Happy Holidays.
tanja 8 February 2021
Dear Vlad, you are amazing!!! Your picturessay everything I say and feel... Thank you ❤️
Chen 1 March 2021
So cute,and really inspired,I like it very much
Austin 7 March 2021
Kxyo 10 March 2021
It's really very personal!
glna 31 March 2021
so buautiful
Amanda 9 September 2021
so buautiful
Minh PLT 28 September 2021
影子 28 September 2021
Amanda 8 December 2021
always love your arts
Dawn 2 March 2022
Thank you for sharing
Eder Larsson 21 November
Merry Christmas everyone.