The Starry Night (Tribute to Van Gogh)

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Vlad Gerasimov 24 October 2018
I started drawing this wallpaper with a very different idea in mind - I simply wanted to draw a night sea. Somewhere in the middle of the process, I found myself putting a lot of short small brush strokes, as some kind of meditation. And it started resembling the famous Van Gogh painting. Well, why not? -- I thought -- let's make a tribute! So here it is, a tribute to wonderful Starry Night by Van Gogh. I tried to make it similar in style and subject, but at the same time stick to  my style. This is why the strokes are much smaller and the colors are darker. One of the reasons I love drawing dark night wallpapers is the fact that your monitor emits light. It really brings moon and stars to life! They literally shine on your screen.
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Henriette Wullems 24 October 2018
It's beautiful as always! I think this one is my new favourite and that is not because Vincent was Dutch like me!
Péter Bosze 24 October 2018
Another great one, Vlad! Thanks.
Jodi Alderson 24 October 2018
My new favorite! This is so beautiful!
George Mariot 24 October 2018
Excellent work Vlad!
Richard 24 October 2018
Love this one. Sparkly.
Bud 24 October 2018
Stunning, Vincent and Vlad, peas in a pod?
Joon Seo Lim 25 October 2018
Awesome artwork!
Geoff Gilbert 25 October 2018
It's beautiful and then you realise how much work went into creating it. Thank you
Sergio luiz Dobri 25 October 2018
roberta 26 October 2018
love it
Kelcey 26 October 2018
Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift with us:)
Michael Stone 27 October 2018
Yeah, this is the desktop background on my iMac now. Sweet!
A1Elements 1 November 2018
Hey, I'm glad you're back. New theme is amazing :) I was supposed to download 1080x1920 resolution for my iPhone 6s Plus, now it's downloading a 1920x1920 which doesn't fit on my screen and I can't find 1080x1920 in download screen. Can you fix it please?
Jaemi Kehoe 1 November 2018
This is great! I love Van Gogh, and am in the process of doing a cross stitch version of Starry Night. Looking at this makes me feel calm, which is a nice bonus.
普金徽 3 November 2018
Jacek 6 November 2018
śliczna, i love it, thank you
Zdenka 19 November 2018
Hi Vlad! This is an awesome piece of art! Thank you.
nancy 21 November 2018
Livanco 22 November 2018
Очень красиво в духе Ван Гога!
jessikm 28 November 2018
bello bello
ciaomi 30 November 2018
Ada 17 December 2018
love it!
Dragos 2 January 2019
I'm feeling the chill vibes :) Great tribute!
看好该方法 3 January 2019
Teresa 10 January 2019
Lovely work. I haven't been here for awhile and I am so happy your birthday was posted on FB and reminded me to come take a look at your new work. I just love your interpretations of the world. Happy Birthday :-)
Roberto 16 January 2019
Davvero Bello. Sono anni che guardo i tuou lavori. Sono sempre splendidi. Magari fossi bravo come te... :)
txg 19 January 2019
NinjaPanda 26 February 2019
bruce wayne 5 March 2019
manuel escalante 13 March 2019
jessygao 26 March 2019
it is such a great picture !thanks for sharing
燕小陈 14 April 2019
zoe 26 May 2019
Love it!
mingming 18 July 2019
Van gogh?
Lam 26 August 2019
It reminds me the greatest artist Vincent .Always love u.Thanks the auther !
David Bruner 1 September 2019
Well Done and a Favorite!
Nandita Singh Rattan 11 September 2019
It's a very beautiful wallpaper. I'm not changing it anytime soon.
Jackson 2 October 2019
I like it!
Thomas Hula 20 December 2019
I love Vincent and fell in love with this instantly. Wonderful artwork.
shawn 23 January 2020
OMG that's amazing!
Lucas 10 March 2020
I really like it,which is full of innocence and purity.
程悟远 27 March 2020
so brilliant remind me of the starry night i had seen in my childhood .thanks!
Eavan 12 April 2020
Körtepálinka 25 April 2020
This is absolutely amazing, Vlad!
YISHU 12 May 2020
错世郎 21 June 2020
lin07 23 June 2020
joe 7 August 2020
shenzhen 14 August 2020
shivam 1 September 2020
nice one
God well 1 September 2020
Peter Brennan 14 October 2020
I have not visited this site for a while. Now I remember why I love it so much
YIPING 20 November 2020
JieZi 25 December 2020
wonderful !
applecaptain 20 February 2021
thank you
sina 24 August 2021
i love it
歐肥 29 September 2021
Jules 5 January 2022
Thật tuyệt!
Jules 5 January 2022
Thật tuyệt!
Ritwik Mishra 9 June 2022
It's beautiful! Thanks for creating and sharing. May your artistic journey take you to even greater heights. Cheers!
邱天暐 27 November 2022