The Bat and Her Pet

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Vlad Gerasimov 10 October 2018
Happy Halloween!
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Traci York 10 October 2018
WHOO HOO! I missed seeing new wallpapers from you, and this one is a great example of why I did - this is so amazing! Excellent work as always!
Vlad Gerasimov 10 October 2018
Traci York - thank you very much! (hmm, I must say it's been a long time since I posted a comment here on my own website!)
Free Wing 10 October 2018
Grande Vlad!! Nice to see you active again. =:)
Carola 10 October 2018
Hello Vlad, The wait was worth it! You did a really good job . I´m happy to see new pieces of art and I immediately fell in love with the little bat. Keep the good work going! :)
Nimbo 10 October 2018
Vlad, I was really looking forward to see you active again. Thank you :)
Javier Diaz 10 October 2018
Cool! Thanks for this nice wallpaper!
Christos 10 October 2018
Love the spider friend!
Vlad Gerasimov 10 October 2018
Christos: spider friends are best!
Nancy Hanger 10 October 2018
So glad to see your site online again like it used to be, but even better!
Kelcey 11 October 2018
Great wallpaper and great looking new site. Well done!
Patrick 11 October 2018
Very nice wallpaper! :-)
Donát 11 October 2018
csodálatosak !!!!!!!!
Karen Steinbruecker 12 October 2018
OMG.. this is super cute! Thanks as always for sharing your amazing talent with all of us.
Jesse Watkins 16 October 2018
I adore how warm this picture is without the color overwhelming the overall feel of the image.
Bud 21 October 2018
Happy Halloween Vlad, and thanks. So happy to see your new creations, guess you could say I'm a fan :)
Manish 22 October 2018
Glad to see you back and see these wonderful creations regularly again!!! This is one of the reasons why :)
Lilia Beck 22 October 2018
Glad to put a face to the name, great intro video. I have loved your artwork for many years. I use your wallpapers on all my devices and I believe you are one true artist, so talented and creative. I hope you continue with more wallpapers in the future. Thanks for sharing your art.
roberta 26 October 2018
a new halloween one! thank you
crystal53451 31 October 2018
I love this wallpaper,thank you!
margot guerra 31 October 2018
Love it!!
Mary Vargas 31 October 2018
Loved it!!
Jaemi Kehoe 1 November 2018
This wallpaper made me happy for all of October.
jecca 3 November 2018
Omg it's so cute!!!!!Thank you!!!
yiannis haloudis 6 November 2018
Mr.Dragon 16 November 2018
谭heihei 22 November 2018
c 4 December 2018
Fanny 21 December 2018
Simplesmente, ADORO!!!
Christine Anderson 6 February 2019
Yay!!! It is so good to see you back doing wallpapers, Vlad! I hope things are going well for you. :D
lee 23 December 2019
glad to see your site online again like it used to be, but even better!
Xadija 15 May 2020
Cool messages
Max 17 November 2020
This is cute.
Woow 9 May 2021
oxi 1 June 2021
betty the batty...nice
Lisa 5 August 2021
the moon looks like a cookie