Mac OS  X Lion Wallpaper


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  1 July 2011
The new version of Mac OS X, Lion, is coming soon! In 2009, I created the Snow Leopard wallpaper (to celebrate the Snow Leopard release), so  I wanted to take this opportunity and continue the series. So, I'm happy to introduce the Lion wallpaper! This wallpaper is 100% free, all sizes are available for download. And that's not all: Here it the Lion icon! Lion Download icon (Windows, Mac, PNG) Download Adium Dock Icon You can put this icon to folder or app on your computer, or use as  an avatar for social network or online community. Note - this is for personal use only! Please contact me if you have questions.. But wait! There's more! Check out the video tutorial - Lion - making of!

This time, I did not forget to turn on the screen recording. Please visit the tutorial for more information, 3-minute short video, as well as real-time 3-hour video file showing the entire process. Thanks, and enjoy! Meow!

Oziel  ·  1 July 2011
Too cute! Thx Vlad! More, please...

Grok  ·  1 July 2011
Замечательно! Сразу видно, что эта кошка - продолжение снежного леопарда! :) Спасибо!

Anja Novak  ·  1 July 2011
Absolutely perfect, thank you :)

Robin  ·  1 July 2011
Awesome! Love it, unfortunately the Adium icon link leads to a 403 error

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  1 July 2011
Robin: fixed! Should be working now.

Maria  ·  1 July 2011
Большое спасибо за очаровательные обои :)

mokna  ·  1 July 2011
Veeeeery nice! You are great, thank you!

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  1 July 2011
Maria: рад что понравилось :-)

Oomu  ·  1 July 2011
thank you a lot for all the nice gifts, the adium icons and all

ChristineA  ·  1 July 2011
I think I just passed out from the cuteness! LOL. Love it! Thanks so much Vlad for making such amazing wallpapers. :D

Sherry Surdam  ·  1 July 2011
Adorable!! Are you going to do it in additional colors as well? You do great work and I always look forward to your emails

Ziani  ·  1 July 2011
Oh wow...this is awesome....he is adorable...thank you very much :)

keisuke yamamoto  ·  1 July 2011

Jorge  ·  1 July 2011
Awesome wallpaper. We missed you Vlad!

Tina Sâmia  ·  2 July 2011

Livanco  ·  2 July 2011
Очень красиво но глаза бы пожелтее ) Спасибо жду не дождусь льва!!!

Sandra  ·  2 July 2011
És precióoooooossss!!! Moltes gràces!

Im :)  ·  2 July 2011
love it...but I think it looked better with smaller's still amazing though!

camy  ·  3 July 2011
sooooo cute!!!

Im :)  ·  3 July 2011 the big eyes too! (see above) :)

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