Bird Bird Bird Bird (Winter edition)

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Vlad Gerasimov 16 December 2022
In contrast to the previous wallpaper, this one conveys no deep meaning. Just 4 birds, ready for winter!
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Nancy Tallentlarsen 16 December 2022
I love them all. How many are there now? Maybe 600?
Jaideep Nadkarni 16 December 2022
Instantly fell in love at first sight... Heh heh. Too cute. Love the colour vibi too
mauri235100 17 December 2022
really a very pleasant job. congratulations vlad
Kelcey 18 December 2022
Love it. I'm so pleased to see you're inspired and creating again.
Sixty 18 December 2022
Dear Vlad, these 4 birds DO convey a deep meaning, at leat to me :-) I L O V E T H E M I cannot stop looking at them. You are the GREATEST ! I wish you and everybody of this community good Christmas days
Eric Goujou 18 December 2022
Great as usual ! So many nice work. Happy Xmas for all!
Kathy Minton 18 December 2022
♥️♥️♥️I just can’t give it enough love ❤️ ❤️❤️
Sheila 18 December 2022
So cute
Rick 18 December 2022
Winter Fun - thank you!
Kat Cornell 18 December 2022
Marco Denis Demers 18 December 2022
Superbe fond d'écran...
Pam 18 December 2022
♥ Love this Winter Scene, 4 Birds, So cute !!
Roberta Hudgins 18 December 2022
this is going to be one of my favorite one. so cute. Great work.
Nicole Larose 18 December 2022
Trop mignons ces oisillons! L'hiver sera plus tolérable avec ces quatre amis souriants sur mon écran...Merci pour ce cadeau!
tamalita 18 December 2022
This is sweet! Thank you so much!
Woj Tech 19 December 2022
Why only full HD resolution?
Vlad Gerasimov 19 December 2022
Woj Tech: please click "Change image size" on top of this page and pick any available size.
Kerstin Rumpel 20 December 2022
So cute! I love them! ♥
birol yilmaz 29 December 2022
so cute,
SK 10 February 2023
I like it,ths
tracyshi 17 September 2023
María 5 December 2023
Me encantan