The Power of Imagination (Christmas Edition)

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Vlad Gerasimov 13 December 2022
This wallpaper is dedicated to several things. First, to Christmas itself, as a way to celebrate together and hope for the better future. Second, to the power of imagination. I believe that imagination and empathy (two closely related things) are the most important skills any human being may have. Most great ventures start with vision, which requires imagination and empathy. But also, this picture is dedicated to Ukrainian people, blacked out by Russian army, meeting Christmas without much of electricity and warmth. My heart is with them.
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Carmen Cruz 13 December 2022
Lovely. As usual. Thank you for sharing your talent.
Marvin 13 December 2022
I was just talking with a friend about depression and how one positive thought can guide you through all the darkness when I got the mail about this new wallpaper. And it fits so perfectly well! Thank you so much for your wonderful art!
Vlad Gerasimov 13 December 2022
Marvin, ooh, glad my art fits the situation!
Birdie D Douglass 13 December 2022
Marvelous! I love it.
thekl 13 December 2022
Been hitting refresh on your page almost every single day for the past month, eagerly waiting for a new xmas wallpaper to drop! And here it is! Absolutely worth it! Stunning!
Nicole Larose 13 December 2022
Un message d'espoir en image... Merci pour ce partage!
Mar 13 December 2022
Wow - it touches my heart! Thanks a lot for that!
Teresa 13 December 2022
“Peace on Earth, Good Will towards Men” takes on a whole new meaning for Ukrainians…God protect and keep them.
Suellen Shaw 14 December 2022
This is a very special wallpaper that carries a very special meaning. Thank you from all of us for sharing your contribution to Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all Mankind.
Kelcey 14 December 2022
Your imagination is such a beautiful thing Vlad, thank you for sharing it with us. I would love to see the full version of the town lit up with Christmas light.
Joon 14 December 2022
I have LOVED your Christmas wallpapers since 2007! This new one is very endearing as always. Let's keep our power of imagination and hope burning brighter and brighter in 2023.
GS 14 December 2022
Beautiful as ever
Michael 14 December 2022
This is really a fantastic piece of work. Well done!
Roberta Hudgins 14 December 2022
I have been waiting for a new Christmas wallpaper. It gives me hope and feels my heart. Thank you and Merry Christmas.
Keith Hopkins 14 December 2022
Peace on earth, good will towards men!
Ellen Lawless 15 December 2022
Your feelings are echoed around the world, and dedicating your beautiful work of art will highlight it more. I hope you get your inspiration back soon. Easy to say, I know. But we need your marvellous, wonderful, inspiring art to lighten the path. Totally agree with Marvin's comments (13/12)
tamalita 18 December 2022
Beautiful. Thank you so much.
Responthy Walker 6 March
so finally we settled down in another planet
tawan 9 March