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Vlad Gerasimov 22 October 2022
Anbani means Alphabet in Georgian. The letters that grow on that tree are Georgian alphabet. It' very unique! And yes, I'm still out of new ideas, so I'm repeating myself, with trees, winds, and all those things. It's my way to meditate and become calm.
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Henriette Wullems 22 October 2022
I love it and if it makes you feel better I love it even more ♡♡♡
Vlad Gerasimov 22 October 2022
Henriette - ♡♡♡ indeed :-) thank you!
Ian 22 October 2022
Thank you Vlad, its lovely ❤️
Kelcey 23 October 2022
I always love your twirly trees Vlad. Keep doing what makes you happy, it makes us happy too :)
Akis Laoutaris 23 October 2022
Perfect once more. Love your work, Vlad.
Katie Williams 23 October 2022
What you do is always fresh and beautiful. I have a folder of your artwork, and I've set my wallpaper to change every hour so that I never know which of your pieces is going to appear. Every appearance is a delight. Thank you for sharing.
Acanthus 23 October 2022
Love it - your trees and alphabets are sure to make me smile. The Lettereater would also like to munch on the Georgian alphabet, I'm quite sure :) Quite a few of your graphics make wonderful zoom backgrounds (or whatever video conferencing software is used). I've given that a try internally, resulting in a handful of referrals to your current site. (My age-old links were somewhat outdated :). So maybe that'd be one more feature worth advertising. Thanks for keeping your wonderful graphics online since so many years, and even adding more for us to enjoy!
Pam 25 October 2022
Love it, Thank you !
GS 28 October 2022
Sometimes showing how something can be seen differently is a fresh idea. This is wonderful.