Good Morning Sun

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Vlad Gerasimov 18 September 2022
OK I am officially out of new ideas! (Hopefully temporarily, due to war time stress). But, many years ago I made a picture called Good Morning Sun, for which I lost all source files, and had to up-publish it. So for the sake of practicing, I recreated it from scratch. Hope you like it!

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Carla M. 20 September 2022
Love it!! as always :-)
Kelcey 20 September 2022
I'm so glad you re-created this Vlad. I particularly love the deep purples. If you're out of ideas, I always wanted to see more of Sonya's adventures - perhaps tea in Paris?
Roberta Hudgins 21 September 2022
so happy to get up with a sunny smile. i love it
Wolf-Dietrich Trenner 19 October 2022
Thank you much, you brighten my day!
MARCELA CEDENO 5 November 2022
Pam 13 December 2022
Thank you ♥