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Vlad Gerasimov 22 February 2021
Woa, it's been almost a year since I published a wallpaper. 2020 has been tough! Anyway, this is something I made just to get back in shape. And, I've been trying new drawing app, Pixelmator Pro - excellent so far. Hope you like the picture!
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Asimakis Bafatakis 22 February 2021
So beautiful!
Kawoosh 22 February 2021
I like it very much, Vlad...and as a pharmacist, I can set it as wallpaper at work too - and pretend I am studying :-D So thanks!
Michael Malkin 22 February 2021
Kris Johnson 22 February 2021
Jeff Lee 23 February 2021
I love these patterns and colors!
Oziel 23 February 2021
Excellent! That's the best you've ever done. Perfect! More plants (and fruits), please.
Geoff 23 February 2021
A beautiful way to return
Luca 23 February 2021
Finalmenteeeee qualcosa di nuovo!!
Marko 23 February 2021
Another beautiful wallpaper. Keep up the great work, Vlad!
Valeria Zenkova 23 February 2021
Awesome! We’ve been waiting for this so long! :)
Christine Blake 23 February 2021
Vicki 23 February 2021
So pretty and right up my alley
drowsy_man 23 February 2021
marcelo 23 February 2021
hermosos trabajos, con mucha sensibilidad
Vladimir Perić 23 February 2021
I like it!
Kim 23 February 2021
Thank you!!!
mua 23 February 2021
Amazing! Fantastical! Whimsical! My brain in a wallpaper. Love it so much. Thank you!
Amira Hamadeh 23 February 2021
Lovely! welcome back :)
Olga Suchy 23 February 2021
So lovely!! We missed you and hope you are well
Roberta Hudgins 23 February 2021
looks like spring is here! thank you
Richard Grout 23 February 2021
Kate 23 February 2021
this is beautiful, thank you!
Michele 23 February 2021
Beautiful! The colors are so vibrant. Thank you for brightening up my day.
Ivan Pattiasina 23 February 2021
Bagus sekali! Thank you
Roxana 24 February 2021
It is a such beautiful work!
Nancy Hanger 24 February 2021
I want to use this as wallpaper on my iphone12, but you can only use images from your CAMERA ROLL. This “downloads” it to the phone then disappears. It’s not even in my Files. I’ve been a user here since the very beginning (Lifetime Account!) & a commercial business you did work for. I’d like to put your wallpapers on this new phone!
Ellen Lawless 24 February 2021
Amazing talent. Awesome colours. So alive. Hard to say but I think one of your best. More please.
J.D. Haltigan 24 February 2021
Super to have you back in the game!
Eva 24 February 2021
It's one of the rare cases when a promotional email brightens your day:) Thank you for the beauty you create, Vlad, the fan of your art forever :)
sara 24 February 2021
Dilek Bener 24 February 2021
Very good.
Kelcey 24 February 2021
Whimsical and wonderful :)
Natalia 24 February 2021 of my fave
cinzia 24 February 2021
Pam 24 February 2021
♥ Beautiful ♥ Thank you !
Pavel 24 February 2021
Thank you for such calming wallpaper!
Péter Bosze 25 February 2021
Welcome back, Vlad :)
nene 25 February 2021
Looks like if plants were microbes seen under a microscope! Love it! Amazing work
Harris Stevenson 26 February 2021
Very pretty! I'm now using it on all of my devices.
Anna B. 26 February 2021
Love your work, especially this embroidery-themed print.
Vlad Gerasimov 26 February 2021
Thank you everyone for your comments! I really appreciate them.
Jaideep Nadkarni 26 February 2021
I so loved it instantly, in going to have it on all my devices... Thank you so much, Vlad! ❤️
Vijay 26 February 2021
Hi Vlad, been your fan from quite a few years back and just came back after a very long time! Your art gives me peace and happiness! Thank you for that!
zhihong qian 27 February 2021
So lovely!
MARCELLINO P RUSCA 27 February 2021
Wow ! Great work !
Ginger Yip 27 February 2021
Lovely! Hopefully more to come!!
Lisa Parisot 2 March 2021
Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. Been a follower for many years and continue to be surprised.
zpvip 3 March 2021
david 5 March 2021
YOU ROCK! you created such a COOL wallpapers, very creative, many thanks
sarang deshpande 7 March 2021
love it! always been a fan of your work! thank you for sharing!
daicy 8 March 2021
thank you
Rosa E Sandoval Zuria 8 March 2021
I love your work, Vlad! Keep it up and be safe!
jacqueline 9 March 2021
MantequillaStudio 15 March 2021
Esta hermoso! bello trabajo.
rosa 17 March 2021
love it
Nits 18 March 2021
Very pleasant!
Livanco 18 March 2021
Рад что вернулся!!!!!
Lorenzo 19 March 2021
I Like Vlad.Art - I Like Nature - I Like Pixelmator It’s simply wonderful!
nnnn 26 March 2021
Christian Headford 28 March 2021
You've done it again!
好看 10 April 2021
Tuan Anh Tran 11 April 2021
Great to see you back!
PPAP 5 May 2021
My name 2 June 2021
John Titor 19 June 2021
Lucía HV 10 July 2021
Es hermoso los colores y texturas que usas.
从所到之处 17 August 2021
shenlan 6 September 2021
Nhat Anh Pham 29 September 2021
Thank you
Tiger 2 October 2021
I've experienced love at first sight with this one lol, I don't know what is it about it but it's so great :)
binh 21 October 2021
Andreas Kelm 30 December 2021
Ich lieeeeeebe dieses Bild. Vielen Dank :)
P Petry 28 December 2022
Oh, nice.
Jaideep Nadkarni 11 March 2023
Nature's love