The Tree of Books


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  22 August 2007

Terrie  ·  long ago
What wonderful pictures! and to think you do this "in your spare time"! Thank you so much for sharing.

prince of love, mohamed khaled  ·  long ago
wow! that's really incredible picture! actually, i am an artist! i love this tree-books picture! its really amazing, fantastic, fabulous, gorgeous & so beautiful!! i wonder who had drawn this wonderful picture? so take care & good bye for all.

Liz  ·  long ago
I love this wallpaper and all of your others as well. Keep up the fantastic job!

Pooya  ·  long ago

Maynor Mijangos  ·  long ago
Simply beautiful.

Marcus  ·  long ago
NO WORDS... Grtz from Ostend,Belgium.

marzi  ·  long ago
ye!!!!!!!!!! this is bester us liberary!!!!!!

Shirley  ·  long ago
Good job as usual!! I wonder what font did you used in the soil and tree part, they look VERY CUTE!!

defa  ·  long ago
bohat se kitabain

Suz  ·  long ago
What a fabulous concept! Love the desktop backgrounds you share! They enrich my life by making my desktop(s) a lot more friendly. Thank you!

Eugenia  ·  long ago
Absolutely magnificent, Vlad! Just like most of your pictures! I love your work! And I love books, of course! Could you possibly create another one like this in shades of blue? I loved your wallpaper, but I just love blue.... :)Thanks, anyway!And many regards from Greece!

Maryo  ·  long ago

N2pani  ·  long ago
subjectively cool

Karin  ·  long ago
I love books, I love trees and I love this pictures so much

div  ·  long ago
Exceedingly Nice

C.S.  ·  long ago
Wonderful, wonderful work. Amazing color scheme and a great concept. =)

w.c  ·  long ago

carolina  ·  long ago
sus trabajos son simplemente hermosos....querria complementar este mensaje con una frace::"los sabios no HACEN a la sabiduria, sino la sabiduria a los sabios" ........... besos

Rick  ·  long ago
Crazy lines

uad, s  ·  long ago
AMAZING G G G ,, i loved it so muct !

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