The Flow Of Time

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Vlad Gerasimov 18 August 2007
Spirals in the background made with pen on paper, then scanned. Curves in the center made with ContextFree, all the rest in Photoshop, as usually. Hope you like it! :-)
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^manicho long ago
I love your works man, great style!
anon long ago
perfect! thank you for sharing all your masterpieces! :)
gaia long ago
This is absolutely gorgeous!!!
Lucas long ago
This is really magically beautiful. I always love your abstracts!
Sebastian long ago
Aah, really magical and alive, nice one
Laurent.B long ago
Bravo pour ce Wall.
Ale long ago
i love it!!!
Marcus long ago
Just great like allways.You are a GENIUS in TIME !!! Greatings from Ostend,Belgium.
Sergio Alejandro Sotomayor Esqui long ago
qbx long ago
good. like the hq but the registration is very costly for me !!!
Life Seeker long ago
great work!
backlash long ago
do you ever make a wallpaper I don't download? You have a great style and I love using your wallpaper to decorate my computer screen. Thanks! :)
suzana long ago
I love this, Vlad~~~especially how the hourglass casts such a lovely glow all through the wallpaper. Well done!!!
jfi long ago
Really beautiful, thanks again.
avi long ago
just perfect
Bod long ago
Mangtap pisan a.k.a what a great work man!
forrestRain long ago
Pure beauty!!
kacenka long ago
Love it! It looks really 3D in my eyes :-)
Viviam (Desde Chile) long ago
Magica y hermosa , son las palabras que me inspira esta imagen FELICITACIONES (
Ariyo long ago
adoh long ago
simple but beautiful
Spiral long ago
I think it's great, the harmonious blending of the spirals, the sands of time and the way they all mix together. Really great job!
co long ago
fino,malo vise svetla ,mozda
farnaz long ago
great work
Iliana long ago
very nice :)
فقط ح long ago
The CookieMaker long ago
I always love your pictures and each time you come out with a new one it becomes my wallpaper. This one is especially good. Thanks. Keep up the good work
Khoa Tran long ago
Excellent, I love it!
Anto long ago
Komakino long ago
Absolutely lovely desktop, thank you for your work :)
Mohammed Korashy long ago
So Nice And Historical, Well Done
sam long ago
i don know wat to say! amazing, there is a kind of passion in it!
Gwenerrella the Penguin long ago
Absolutely gorgeous!! Clean, rich and striking visually. Great job Vlad!
aloen long ago
nice!!! it help to remind me to study hard, because time is flowing fast...
Thomas long ago
Wonderful! I will print this on a poster for my sleeping room.
outofcheese long ago
Reinhart long ago
Just registrate and have to say that your pictures are every cent worth paying! I love your artwork!
Alessar long ago
Simply magical! I love it!
李琼 long ago
真好看! so good.. i like it ...
s.m.k long ago
love it
J.P. long ago
Nice light texture
Lilian long ago
Hi! long ago
Hello! I love your work!
Szakacs Istvan 10 January 2008
Perfect! This is my favourite, thank you Vlad!
emad 25 January 2008
MEDHAT 31 January 2008
theone 23 February 2008
It was so nice and amazing....
mohamed 26 February 2008
Mallela prakash 7 March 2008
wow awsome
hossam 9 March 2008
YureTZzz 8 June 2008
Perfect! GO-O-O-OD!
mandrake 11 June 2008
Great Pics, Love the clock
***** 14 June 2008
none 30 July 2008
it's great i like it :) put do you have courses ?
wooow girl 20 September 2008
hi vlad!my name is ghazal!i live iran in asia!i love your job!i love it!
sinan 11 October 2008
Jovrien 21 October 2008
because of your amazing art, i change my wallpaper every 2 minutes!
Nastya) 25 November 2008
very good=)))))))))))))))))
Alexis 13 July 2009
Wow! Your work is always amazing!
Koushik 2 August 2009
Amazing work... My present wallpaper now ;)
MSTF 1 September 2009
very good a thing
123 6 February 2011
1 November 2011
Pavlo Verba 26 October 2014
Very nice thing. All hail Cheibriados!