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Vlad Gerasimov 22 November 2012
I was asked to create a modified version of  my older wallpaper, Google Library, to add more colors and some other tweaks. Here is the result!
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Vlad Gerasimov 22 November 2012
Also, I do realize I did not publish "really new" works for long time - despite having lots of ideas for new wallpapers, I still struggle to find time to actually draw them. Hopefully soon! The work that keeps me so busy is our second e-book, Puss in Boots. So many challenging and exciting things there!
Deblk 22 November 2012
I luv this....thanks :)
Jacek Stromecki 22 November 2012
Great one! Love the amount of different colors mixed together. I have even found a book with Polish title :-)
Kelcey 22 November 2012
Love it:)
Ольга 22 November 2012
Супер! Наконец-то можно обновить обои на рабочем столе. Жду с нетерпением Ваших новогодних работ.
Shoegazer 22 November 2012
Belén junquera 22 November 2012
wow!!!! espectacular!!! congratulations I love it!!!
Roberto Maina 22 November 2012
It's wonderful!
Barbara Kurzawska 22 November 2012
@Jacek Stromecki - "Opowiadania" Czechowa? :D Bo mi się w oczy rzuciło. @Vlad - as huge book lover I have to say it: this wallpaper is totally awesome! :D Thank You!
Иван 22 November 2012
Да, а чего по-польски столько надписей? Они нам не друзья, мягко говоря...
Pavel Verba 22 November 2012
Absolutely beautiful!
Koo 23 November 2012
This one is great!
hindun 23 November 2012
the children love it, they want one in they're room and I'm supposed to ask if they can come have a visit at your library :D... beautifully done as always
George Mariot 23 November 2012
It gives you the feeling of a real Library. Excellent choice of colors and shapes!
Caro 23 November 2012
Wowwwwwwww!!!!, is fantastic. I love the books, thank you very much!!!!!
stan 23 November 2012
As usually - i love your work so much :-) You are my the most favourite artist in the world.
Lisa 23 November 2012
This is absolutely lovely :)
Rodney L Bricker 23 November 2012
Thanks so much.
马士杰 23 November 2012
Gaurav Sethi 23 November 2012
It's definitely brighter and has a more stream-lined look than the previous edition. Good job.
Trust-No.1 23 November 2012
Love it
Namaskar 23 November 2012
Love your library & all your work.
Jacek Stromecki 23 November 2012
@Barbara Dopiero teraz gdy podszedłem do telewizora dojrzałem, że tam jest masa polskich tytułów. Co mnie zaskoczyło, bo myślałem, że Vlad jest Rosjaninem. @Vlad I just realized that there are so many Polish title. Is there any reason why do You choose them? :-)
Jacek Stromecki 23 November 2012
@Barbara Dopiero teraz gdy podszedłem do telewizora dojrzałem, że tam jest masa polskich tytułów. Co mnie zaskoczyło, bo myślałem, że Vlad jest Rosjaninem. @Vlad I just realized that there are so many Polish title. Is there any reason why do You choose them? :-)
Lucas Ayres 24 November 2012
love it!
Kk 24 November 2012
Very good.
Shelley 25 November 2012
Wow! This is so awesome! Thanks!!
lmb 25 November 2012
Very nice!
Łukasz 27 November 2012
Most of your books are from Poland :-)
Shelley 29 November 2012
Thank you. It is wonderful.
Mary Lezama 30 November 2012
simplemente perfecto!!!!. felicidades por todo tu arte, eres genial!!!!
DownUnder Pete 30 November 2012
Awesome images, I love this one especially, as books mean so much to me and I will miss them as they slowly become replaced in this digital world. Is there any chance you would make a template of the books with a separate layer for book titles, so we could put our own favorite titles/authors on there? Just an idea! Love your art, your view of the world, and your sense of whimsy!!
Geoff 1 December 2012
Really good. Can you say something about the wall behind the books. Thanks again
juria 1 December 2012
Cool, but it's no complete as that with the sign.
Darxicus 2 December 2012
Vlad, are you going to release any new Christmas-related wallpapers this month? If you are, I can't wait for them :)
behm dollentas 13 December 2012
this is so cute ( sweet )
Alcapone 22 December 2012
Thank you ! I really like your work !
Maria 3 January 2013
Sooper poza
Farzaneh 11 January 2013
That's so nice. Thanks
patdan 28 January 2013
呵呵,活捉小马哥一只。。 I love Vs
Kubra 28 January 2013
so beautiful Vlad ! :)
dee 8 February 2013
this is sooo cute. thank you so much!!! :D
Sanskar Tiwari 14 February 2013
A Masterpiece... Vlad G. is a Master...
Barbara Heath 8 March 2013
My favorite of your Wallpapers so far. It speaks to me.
Ana 8 March 2013
I want to live here!!!
Marley 26 March 2013
its cool... bookworm
Przemek 26 March 2013
Many polish titles hehe
الــی 6 June 2013
مرسی زیبا بود :)
Sana 28 June 2013
Very nice;)
Vincent W 6 August 2013
"This is the book title"... LOL! But nevertheless, it's great :D
ran 16 September 2013
Thank you, It's cool, I will try this...
Javier 20 September 2013
Me encanta este dibujo, es muy intimista. ¡Enhorabuena!
Aneesh Jaiswal 28 March 2014
i am a nerd and love books. so yay!!!!!!!!
Valentina 3 June 2014
Esto no descarga virus ?
zaRa 24 August 2014
ohwoOo........ nyceee collectionxx
صابر 4 November 2014
خلفية سطح مكتب رائعه
Bruce Young 3 March 2015
HI, Thank you for the nice library art. FYI, I am using a crop of this as 'screen saver' for my Nook e-reader. (I cropped the image to get mostly one column, re-sized it to the needed 600 wide by 800 tall, changed to 8-bit 256 grays (as Nook e-ink screen will not show more than that), and lightened a bit) and now have added it to the small collection of screens for my Nook. I did similar with your Google Library image. Both seem perfect for Nook e-Book e-reader device! Thank you. Best.
Vishal patel 25 April 2015
This is Simply Good :)
andrea 29 June 2015
MILUSKA 24 July 2015
estas imagenes son muy buenas, que genial pagina :)
me/myself 21 September 2015
Bodyeuh 27 November 2015
Лариса 11 March 2016
Замечательные работы, просто супер - столько чувства, юмора и красоты - я не встречала работ лучше уже года три. Автор замечательный, творческий человек большой и щедрой души. Удачи во всем и крепкого здоровья!
MARYANN GERETY 20 March 2016
HI! Could you create something more dependable than WALLACH. Is there another program for KDE that handles folowing my instructions. WALLACH IS SO RETARDED!
edward 29 March 2016
thank y0u, love this..... ^_^
alfredo zuniga 22 May 2016
any updates for ipad pro?
Michele Brown 15 April 2018
My favorite is the Alice in Wonderland,also the Cheshire cat!Love art,always did! Your art appeals to everyone,young and old! I'm also a huge admirer of Romare Bearden,and Paul Klee.Your colors are magnificent. All of your art is really great!
Dusry 12 November 2018
I've always enjoyed ur art work. Your a very special very talented man. I've referred a lot of my friends to you. Be don't stop creating!
xin8981 27 March 2019
l like it so much.
Halina 28 April 2019
Śledzę stronę Vladstudio od wielu lat i na swoim laptopie ustawiałam różne tapety w zależności od nastroju i okoliczności. Są superowe i bardzo mi się podobają.
FRANKLIN 3 May 2019
Gracias , excelente trabajo !!
余程 28 July 2019
哈哈哈 29 July 2019
Oh my... This is amaaaazing
yinyin 9 April 2020
mdpatel 16 March 2021
isla 27 March 2021
Eko Setyo Budi 23 May 2021
szh 3 August 2021
Arthur Grondine 8 November 2021
Love your artwork
barbug 21 November 2022
Jerzy 17 December 2022
Some of these books I still have in my shelf
Alessandro 13 March 2023
Ciao Vlad! Era un po' di tempo che non visitavo il tuo sito, ma lo ritengo sempre stupendo. Datti da fare! Crea! Sei un mito!
Jacob Bandes-Storch 30 November 2023
Hi Vlad :) It looks like this artwork (and the newer but similar Plants) would make a great phone case! However, it seems to be sideways on the picture shown on the store. Any chance you would be able to offer them in the vertical orientation? I realize it might not be easy depending on the artwork resolution, but I think the phone cases would look better vertical!