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Vlad Gerasimov 23 January 2023

I wanted to draw some very cozy place, both realistic and cartoonish, filled with little details. A space with slightly unreal atmosphere that some great shops or cafes have.

Mix of plants, books, bottles and shelves seemed like a perfect fit. I'd be happy to live in a place like that when I retire, hehe.

I must admit it took longer to draw than most of my other pictures! But it was totally worth it. I used the same style as an older work of mine, Library

This picture was created in Pixelmator Pro, which has completely replaced Adobe Photoshop for me. It's a great image editor, highly recommended.

Dedicated to V., who loves plants more than anything and inspired me to draw this :-)

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Kelcey 23 January 2023
Mission successful Vlad. This is everything you wanted it to be and more! I find delightful new details every time I look at it. Many thanks to you and to V. for the inspiration :)
Kelcey 23 January 2023
Just commenting again because, wow, I love this so much! Absolutely worth the time and effort. I want to go to there.
Hyeseung Lee 23 January 2023
I love this so much! Beautiful plants! Thank you so much for the work!
GS 24 January 2023
Absolutely stunning. No idea how long it must have taken.
Daniel 24 January 2023
Congratulations, this is a great piece of art :-)
Marta 24 January 2023
I love it
Alex Seif 24 January 2023
You're really doing great work my friend Thank you for beautifying my day
Jean 24 January 2023
It's beautiful!. I love plants so much.. I had to have it. Keep up the good creations. So much details I can look at this all day. Plants, wood, books, glass bottles and art are my things.
Raquel 24 January 2023
Really love it. I'm changing my wallpaper now.
sipizolix 24 January 2023
Very lovely.
Nicole Larose 24 January 2023
Quel souci du détail...Quel talent...Quelle imagination...Je suis ébahie! Même les livres semblent vieux et précieux. Merci...c'est un plaisir pour les yeux.
Rhonda Kennedy 24 January 2023
Absolutely love this!! Awesome work.
Jaideep Nadkarni 24 January 2023
I feel so much at home with nature. So well depicted! Lovely
arisworks 24 January 2023
Excellent, like it very much. I'm changing my wallpaper immediately!
Matthew Tran 24 January 2023
This is an absolutely fantastic piece of art!
Carla M. 24 January 2023
John 24 January 2023
Very well done! Thank you! It feels like it just pops out of the screen!
Pam 24 January 2023
I also snagged an image for my tablet. Thank you !!!
Roberta Hudgins 25 January 2023
This is absolutely one of my favorite! makes me feel at home. thank you
Mike 25 January 2023
Thank you!
Woody 25 January 2023
Nice. Thank you
Vianne 25 January 2023
Beautiful! Lovely! ♥
Tracy Creek 25 January 2023
Katie 25 January 2023
I LOVE this!
Sandrine 26 January 2023
Definitely a new favorite! I love l love plants and you've captured their essence! Thanks so much for sharing your artistry and brightening boring screens all over the world! :D
BG 26 January 2023
I don't usually comment on these but this is absolutely beautiful!! It brings me such joy. I too would love to retire here hehe!
jean bean 26 January 2023
This is my new favorite!
Maskafran 27 January 2023
Realmente hermoso.
Doug Langille 28 January 2023
This one really nourishes my soul this week. Thank you. ❤️
Richard 30 January 2023
Stunning, cozy and relaxing.
Michele 5 February 2023
Absolutely delightful! Thank you, Vlad.
gkamper 8 February 2023
OMG, like this very much. Was a fan of the library an eternity ago. And then for decades I used your Malevitch. With a clock on top when you gave up the wallpapers-with-clock. Did not think I would ever change it, but now ... well the garden wall shall be it. To many details for the virtual screens I use for work. But the one on the small MacBook monitor - perfect eye-candy. Thank you
Tracy Creek 15 February 2023
Wonderful work of art!
I 22 February 2023
Love this so much Vlad!! thank you for creating this
Ernesto Alberto Valles Galmes 24 February 2023
Great Wallpaper Vlad
CarenS 17 March 2023
Absolutely entirely amazing!!!! I still have your wallpaper from over 15 years. They still are amazing to look at…..
gyqhpp 19 April 2023
Tina 1 May 2023
I love your work. My favourite is Plants, so much detail, it makes me wish I lived in the house that has such a room.
pntnhan 9 August 2023
Thank you! This wallpaper is super cozy
Brenda Stensland 6 September 2023
Vlad!!! This is a wonderful artwork you have done! I love sharing your name when I am on a zoom call ! I have your art rotate each week it brings me such joy!!