In einer Schneeflocke

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  7 November 2005
Winter is here and Christmas is near! Here is the first wallpaper in coming christmas series. Enjoy!

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Moo  ·  long ago
I can't remember what I said exactly... but it was something along the lines of *mesmerising*... It looks as if it just goes on forever and ever and ever and ever...

sunny  ·  long ago
The wallpaper says a lot of things quietly. beautiful

Gv  ·  long ago

bjoyner  ·  long ago
absolutely wonderful!

derya  ·  long ago
this wallpaper make me feel relaxed when get furious in the office!

Anfisa  ·  long ago
that is cool

zlato  ·  long ago

divya  ·  long ago
Simply superb,,I loved it.I must say its great for meditation.and it gives u different view if u see it carefully.. Thanks

murat  ·  long ago
ooo my God(Allahcc) your art is beautiful!(L)

Raven  ·  long ago
"Dreaming of a BLUE Christmas" :-D

Chris  ·  long ago
Wow. Really beautiful and like someone above said, mesmerising. Good work. ;-)

Tauheed  ·  long ago
Simply the best!

Jor  ·  long ago
I love this wallpaper, soothing and intriguing at the same time...I've had it on my desktop for half this year, thanks!!

Warren Shepherd  ·  long ago
So nice! I like BLUE !

Brandon  ·  long ago
This image is spectacular :)

Ovi  ·  long ago
(Y) this is an amazing wallpaper! I can't have enough of it! And in combination with the snow quartz screensaver on my mac makes the winter atmosphere an amazing experience!

DFC  ·  long ago
just great

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
My apologies for all who commented on this wallpaper - I lost your comments :( I had to restore my database from backup and this wallpaper wasn't there. Feel free to comment now, i'll back it up! :-)

peter siemen  ·  18 February 2008
lets see

(  ·  13 September 2008
Wonderful, feels like it just goes on and on forever... So peaceful.

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