Sistema Solar (Sin Texto)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  5 August 2007
El espacio es uno de los temas que encuentro muy inspiradores para ilustrar. Ésta es  mi visión del sistema solar. ¡Todas las proporciones son muy aproximadas! :-) También hay un fondo de pantalla similar con texto, favor de ver el fondo de pantalla anterior.

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Ina  ·  long ago
Your works are owesome! I'm a great fan of graphic design and illustration. I really love your wallpaper and your site! I think you really good at colours, composition, and lay out! Where did you study?

naughty guy  ·  long ago
hi ........... its very nic pic.. and lvly..

alina  ·  long ago

Jaideep  ·  long ago
Our family-tree

Kestas  ·  long ago
Gorgeous :) Keep up the good work!

Michel  ·  long ago
Everything turns around the sun. Great work. very nice.

ReZe  ·  long ago

pete  ·  long ago

Ribbot  ·  long ago

Dave  ·  long ago
Excellent work Vlad. So happy to see Pluto made it!

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
Ina: thank you! I studied at Economic Academy, so I am certified economist ;-) Never helped me though.

Cynthia  ·  long ago
I like it! nice and very impresive. Great work!

Marija  ·  10 January 2008
It's so beautifuuulllll Vlad,thanks to You

:: saathiyaana :  ·  15 April 2008
so sunny so stunning..!!

amitvg  ·  24 November 2008
very nice work.

Gladys  ·  14 January 2009
My 3rd grade students just finished studying the solar system and like to name the planets. They want me to tell you that Pluto is a dwarf planet now. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work.

sasha  ·  16 February 2009
I saw this somewhere already. Isn't it copied?

David Brenner  ·  19 May 2009
Excellent artwork. I have started to look at your work in neg art or high contrast (ctrl-option-cmd+8 on a mac) and I notice more detail especially in dark pictures. In this one particularly I noticed you even added the radial shadows behind the planets — very impressive! I love the attention to detail : )

ittah  ·  18 March 2011
so hard to download that picture, i'm getting tired to wait it

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