Árbol de Tenere

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  4 January 2008
Recientemente, aprendí la triste historia de Arbre du Ténéré, el árbol más aislado de  la Tierra (el único en más de 400 km). ¡Me conmovió tanto que no pude evitar hacer un fondo de pantalla! De  Wikipedia : El último árbol sobreviviente de  un grupo de árboles que creció cuando el desierto del Sahara estaba menos reseco de  lo que es hoy en día. El árbol fue derribado por un conductor de camión libio presuntamente ebrio en 1973.

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Kyle  ·  4 January 2008
First comment! hah! This one is ok.

Cynthia  ·  4 January 2008
Love it! Thanks!

Rick Beckman  ·  4 January 2008
I've heard that a metal sculpture now stands where the most isolated tree once did; a wallpaper featuring that would make a great partner to this one.

Markus  ·  4 January 2008
Great! Would be even nicer without text... :)

Marcus  ·  4 January 2008
I love it! You are so creative.

LucasDT  ·  4 January 2008
Moving... really touching...

Andrew Breakspear  ·  4 January 2008
The only tree in 400km and a drunk guy hit it? Wow... how drunk must he have been!?

Life Seeker  ·  4 January 2008
This is amazing!

Andreas Jensen Gjellesvik  ·  4 January 2008
I love these beautiful, calm wallpapers!

Safar Vedadi-Amin  ·  5 January 2008
Ahhhh, It's a great Wallpaper. THX

Christina  ·  5 January 2008
Awesome! Love your wallpapers, Vlad!

Dusik (from Ukraine)  ·  5 January 2008
you the Best !!!

Krzysztof Jagus  ·  5 January 2008
This one would be nice without the text. Please make another version. Thank you.

Jaideep  ·  5 January 2008
Magnificent. Very touching too. Though I agree with Krzysztof Jagus. I feel the text intereferes with the otherwise solitary feel of the tree. Would bring lot more depth to its serenity and emotion without the text. Looking forward to another version, minus text. Thanks, Vlad. You're matchless as ever. And wish you a delightful year filled with peace, happiness and prosperity!

Joe  ·  5 January 2008
Again, fantastic Wallpaper, but I would love it without text. I'm not a huge fan of any type of text on my background. Regardless, it's still amazing!

alex  ·  5 January 2008
um. is there a point? if there is, I sure don't get it...

Peter Brennan  ·  5 January 2008
You just keep doing this amazing work

RoxAnne Johnson  ·  5 January 2008
Love it! Sometime I feel like a isolated tree myself...Thank you for the wall paper and the story of the Tenere.

Lyon Lim  ·  5 January 2008
Simply stunning! Absolutely beautiful!

Emma  ·  5 January 2008
This is beautiful Vlad! Great work as always, and a touching story

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