Robaron la Luna (Versión 2008)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  5 April 2008
Hace mucho tiempo, cuando era niño, hice un fondo de pantalla llamado "Robaron la Luna". Todavía soy el niño :-) pero no tan joven, y quería volver a hacerlo con mis mejoradas (eso espero) habilidades en Photoshop. Para mi sorpresa, resultó ser un fondo de pantalla completamente diferente, ¡pero quizás eso sea mejor!

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Raymond   ·  5 April 2008
Unbelievable beautiful

Ioanna  ·  5 April 2008

BJ  ·  5 April 2008
This is amazing, I love it!! Thanks for sharing all of your talent. Blessings-BJ

Janko Falli  ·  5 April 2008
love it ;)

InternetG33k  ·  5 April 2008
Completely different means I love both versions for completely different reasons! Gorgeous job, as always!

Michal Stružský  ·  5 April 2008
:-D :-D :-D one of the funniest wallpapers ever 8-) great work :-)

Arthur Pustynin  ·  5 April 2008
Brilliant! Потрясающе!

Rob Schultz  ·  5 April 2008
I love it. Do you have the original for comparison? I think we'd all love to see the evolution of "They Stole The Moon".

Lili  ·  5 April 2008
Wow...Really cool !!! Thanks for your work ;-)

A1Elements  ·  5 April 2008
I love The Two series of ur wallpapers, this one is beautiful.

Kevin Olson  ·  5 April 2008
A Clock of this wallpaper would be awesome.

Adri  ·  5 April 2008
Where did the giraffe go?

Buddy  ·  5 April 2008
I don't think this is very good, your other stuff isn't great either. You're an average artist, you should try real art instead of noodle-ing around on the computer.

Richard Brown  ·  5 April 2008
replying to buddy..... you are a idiot!!!! Vlad amazing again. Your desktops are wonderful best thing i have ever bought online was a lifetime subscription for your site.

Martin Stružský  ·  5 April 2008
Poor one Buddy, if you don't like this site, simply do not visit it (as no one forces you) and let others to enjoy Vlad's amazing work ;-)

Sebastian  ·  5 April 2008
This one is really nice! But i like you previous "they stole the moon" better. The other one feels more mystical in some way :) How old are you by the way?

AMPIT  ·  5 April 2008
Yes you are impruving, no doubt, but the older one was also nice. We loved it and now this one is wonderful. Keep trying, some years more it will be just perfect, but perhaps not so very nice as now.

Omid  ·  5 April 2008
I love the old version and the new version they are beautiful

Melody Liu  ·  5 April 2008
one word. BRILLIANT! I LOVE IT!!!

Justin Murray  ·  5 April 2008
awesome work vlad! id love to see the original concept..

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