Non riesco a Dormire

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  19 April 2005
Giornata di pessimo umore, non ho dormito quasi tutta la notte. Così mi son seduto e  ho creato questo. Ho usato Photoshop e 5 foto di palazzi scattate a Colonia, in Germania, durante un mio recente viaggio di lavoro. Sono sicuro che molti di voi conoscono quella sensazione.

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P1x44r  ·  long ago
Truly amazing creation!

Kata  ·  long ago
I m from Serbia, Vlad you are the best! Very nice :-)

steffer  ·  long ago
this is *so* me... up late working because I can't sleep... love this!!! :-D

thinkcentral  ·  long ago
cant sleep is just great.....cant express it here how welll it looks.... i would recommend all my friends about this site.... may this site last for another couple of centuries....... ;-)

Mahek!  ·  long ago
I m From Pakistan... sum1 mailed me thizz amazing Site abt wallpaper...... I just dunt know how to Thank Himm.... Vlad.... Ur work is just Beyond Outstanding..really Words Cant Express It... They Way u go into the depths of each n every scene is just........... SUPERB! i cant find a proper word... Thanks.. n Keep Up Ur ASTONISHING ART.... Mahek....!!!

Steveeeee  ·  long ago
It's almost 5 am and this piece parallels my feelings completely. Vlad, you're a genius and keep up the amazing work. (Y)

Elusive  ·  long ago
like to draw when I can't sleep.This feels just like it.Got me staring at the monitor half an hour,it's just perfect.

Nate  ·  long ago
This is my favorite wall paper of all time. need more like it :-) keep up the good work

Jens  ·  long ago
Home, sweet home :-)

Charm  ·  long ago

vulture  ·  long ago
only problem is- their so good that i cant decide which 1 to display. i want them all at once ! !

XsnrG8  ·  long ago
I love it, thanks so much Vlad. :-D

Celia  ·  long ago
Me encanta tu obra YYYY

Skapo  ·  long ago
Wow. How do you do these things?

Tanya  ·  long ago
The only thing I know about art is what I like, and so far, Vlad, I love your work. I'm an incurable insomniac and this piece jumped out and shouted at me, "This is you at 3:00 am! Dark and alone, except for the hint of hope, given from the often shrouded moonlight." You have found a way to put feelings on display for everyone to see. You are truly gifted.

andrew  ·  long ago
scarey but comfortable for a background

zel  ·  long ago
that is amazeing its prolly my fave  ·  long ago
love this one

hohooo  ·  long ago
very dark but nice

bod  ·  long ago
it's awesome.i'll send it to my insomia friend, Ayu!

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