Uno Stregatto

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  15 June 2009
Tutti conoscono lo Stregatto, ma scommetto che da gattino non era così famoso! Ho scovato questa sua foto da cucciolo, è tanto carino, vero? :-) Come sempre, Adobe Photoshop, e  la magica tavoletta Wacom Cintiq.

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Kelcey  ·  15 June 2009
Yay, first to comment! This is a fabulous edition to your Wonderland series Vlad, I love it. I'm so greedy when it comes to your Alice images, I always want more... may I request the tea party, or the cards painting the roses, or the queen playing croquet with dodos... seriously though, my desktop loves you:)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  15 June 2009
Kelcey: well it is not exactly an artwork about Alice in Wonderland story - Cheshire cat was never mentioned there as a kitten! It is just the idea associated with the story. Thanks! :-)

caspar  ·  15 June 2009
hey do u remem me vlad?? when you had that desktop of a toucan i had an idea for the clock version and you used it =] anywai its been cool looking at your wallpapers i got all of my friends checking your website pretty much daily for updates=] and i jus gotta say your amazing! luv the new pics especially this one! the nose looks relly cool =D

Janko Falli  ·  15 June 2009
cuuute :)

Tybois  ·  15 June 2009
This totally reminds me of my cat Flatsky, who I swear smiles, from when he was a kitten. This is totally going on my desktop...and now it is :) Excellent work!

mkultra  ·  15 June 2009
ahahah funny

Anna Maria Wallace  ·  15 June 2009
Made my day! Thank you for that smile, Vlad! Anna

aya  ·  15 June 2009
Great! So beautiful and I like cat best.

Jynrya  ·  15 June 2009
Very cute!

Richard  ·  16 June 2009
Cute. Reminds me of a Chia pet as well as a Cheshire Kitty.

Ladislav Fornusek  ·  16 June 2009
Great Vlad! :-)

Carl Willetts  ·  16 June 2009

Christina (Australia)  ·  16 June 2009
So cute! Brightens up my day, meow! :0)

elisa  ·  16 June 2009
So cute!!!

  ·  16 June 2009
the cat has big boobs. i dont like it.

blader  ·  16 June 2009
More cat please, I love them~~~~~

Michaela Basham  ·  16 June 2009
That. Is. So. CUTE!!! I LOVE your Cheshire Cat wallpapers! This one looks much less evil/manipulative than the adult.

Ivonna  ·  16 June 2009
You made my day sunny!! :)

Katherine Appleby  ·  16 June 2009
GRIN!!! :D

Таня (Украина)  ·  16 June 2009
вот этот кошак у меня уже на часиках стоит! милашка! )))

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