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Vlad Gerasimov 12 July 2005
I found a photo of consensed waterdrops at plasmadesign, and thought - hm! I can do  it better in photoshop :-)
eleanor long ago
no tedy! ještě lepší než ten šnek....kde mam ty zatracený tempery...á tady sou ...sbohem mí angličtí přátelé...du malovati ó pějme ódy na rodosti...:)
Rommel long ago
Whatsup niggas!!!!!!!! This one site is....just......Okey-so damn cool dudes!!!!!!!!
Anon long ago
What a nice wallpaper :-)
josh long ago
it's not good (N)
T@$1 long ago
very nice
bevpat long ago
They should be animated
leslie Chia long ago
colin long ago
we are trying to get an image of about 600dpi to increse in size to cover a wall in our house does any body have any ideas? thanks
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
colin - i can help you if you email me directly.
Magaly long ago
No comments!
rob long ago
Elusive long ago
Superb! delicate and yet complicae.Worth calling it a "masterpiece" amongst the others that are just perfect. ;-)
tushar long ago
simply amazing!!!!
Kruppt long ago
Like It!
wuhey long ago
tina kapoor long ago
busuling...........! koooooool 2
Rocketlamb long ago
A longtime favorite. This is just beautiful.
Caline long ago
I just came back from the beach... and having this on my desk is very relaxing... I love water, to drink it and to get in there... THANKS :-)
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
I wrote detailed tutorial explaining how this wallpaper was created. Check it out at
Diane long ago
no drop is the same :-P
Diane long ago
: - P
Nancy long ago
At first glance, very simplistic -- then the eye realizes how complicated the patterning is. The color is gorgeous. This is my new wallpaper for the big flatscreen monitor here! Yum!
escottio long ago
esta cosa es mala porque todas las cosas son mismas.
Jaideep long ago
Wow. This is just my type. Subtle and beautiful with no interference of other objects. Great going, Vlad! :-)
evelyn long ago
Echinopsis long ago
pari long ago
nice, you are a really artist.
Jose Daniel long ago
great work Vlad, congratulations... again! :)
kim long ago
At the moment it is my favorite- i love this fresh wallpaper. Thank you Vlad. Greetings vom Braunschweig/Germany kim
staralfur long ago
fredd long ago
These atrworkz r wiked
RoSy long ago
that's nice :-)
hendrice long ago
Cenk 24 February 2008
Teşekkürler. (Thanks)
leni 27 August 2008
very cool
glese 3 October 2009
Realy realy like it! Thank U
Erom and Sajid 9 March 2011

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