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Vlad Gerasimov 29 July 2005
The fun continues. Dedicated to  my sister who is  a hairdresser. And all hairdressers out there :-)
Cristina long ago
AAhhh!!! I was waiting for a new work (everyday I visited the site hoping to find something new...I'm Vlad Addicted!!) And I can say that I'm not disappointed ! This is so cute!!!! :D :D (L)
mavi long ago
that's so me! i like cutting hair.
zU long ago
muy divertida imagen!! genial! ;-)
Michaela long ago
Dear Vlad, thanks for your art work. It makes me feel nice inside. I wish I could be so talented :-) I just love it!
mrcm long ago
Arian long ago
thank you vlad for the beautiful wallpapers!
me long ago
awesome job! I love the colors! They go perfectly together! (Y)
Elusive long ago
weilans long ago
3q share
Lynn long ago
I like this piece of art very much!! (L)
xxxxx long ago
:-) that was nice thank you sir
K long ago
Naprawdę piękne! :)
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
IMPORTANT NOTICE - this artwork has been licensed to Mariposa Import ( ) and cannot be used in any commercial purposes. Thanks for your attention :-)
deniska long ago
niektoré obrázky sú tu supeeeeeeeeeer :-P
Babs long ago
This is so cute. As a Mum of four it reminds me of that awful moment when your child appears with no fringe and a bald patch after playing hairdresser.
gaul long ago
Fundu Vlad this is very very cute, the expressions on the faces are so realistic (even the comb's :-) And the colours too are very nice.. (Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)
bio long ago
êàê âñåãäà, ñóïåð (Y)
Jose Daniel long ago
nice colors :) as always... I have this feeling, that this wallpaper is made of pieces from others, isn't? the girl with the camera, the bug of "love" e-card, and the center girl, from a wallpaper with many girls on it... am I right?
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Cristina - thank you very much! Jose Daniel - yes, the characters are the same, though the bug is supposed to be a comb :) But they are not "pieces", meaning I did not copy/pasted them.
justin long ago
you have a very creative imagination. i enjoy all your work. thank you. :-)
long ago
Je je je ,ja ja ja ,jo jo jo
Matt long ago
you are very talented, thanks for sharing your artwork
Jose Daniel long ago
ooohh... a Comb! that explains a lot ;) well, I didn't mean that you copy pasted your own work... It's just that I recognized the characters... Your work is awesome Vlad! really...
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
TO Jose Daniel - I did not mean you meant that :-) Thanks.
pari long ago
dear vladimir your works are great. and this one is so cute.
grapple long ago
I'd love to buy a poster of this for my mother in law's salon.
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
To grapple: no problem! You can now, I added it.
cristina long ago
great as usual, Vlad lively and frolicsome, breathing light-hearted scent of summer: that's how I perceive it :-)
James long ago
A silly question if I may. Do you by chance have this without any of the figures also? It is GREAT the way it is though!!
Jonas long ago
I like your work, SUPER
Katty 26 January 2008
Влад по русски говорите?Vlad,do you speack Russian?Ваши работы-это потрясающе!You works wonderful!!
Katty 26 January 2008
909 15 April 2008
really nice work ... thank you.
1998 29 August 2008
i like it its sooooo cooooool ya!!! thank you

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