Happy Mother's Day! (Tiny Wings fan art wallpaper)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  8 May 2011
Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and I definitely wanted to celebrate it with new wallpaper, but instead of drawing wallpapers or doing my work, I often find myself playing Tiny Wings again and again! This little game is  so hard to stop playing. So  I suddenly combined these two completely unrelated things into one wallpaper :-) It shows the Bird as  a Mother, and her child giving her a flower to celebrate. Strange fan-art, but maybe you'll like it. This wallpaper is free to download, because it  is inspired by graphic work of Andreas Illiger - find out more and download the game from www.andreasilliger.com. Thanks!

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Martin Trojan  ·  8 May 2011
Vážne geniálne. Truly prodigy.. thank you Vlad...I love the game too. M

Jorge  ·  8 May 2011
Awesome wallpaper, another piece of art. Happy Mother's Day!

Sedma  ·  8 May 2011
Now when I have a subscription (thanks for promo price) I can finally enjoy in your wallpapers. This is so beautiful, I love it. I hope jigsaw puzzle will be soon :)

  ·  8 May 2011
angry birdssssssssss

Carl Willetts  ·  8 May 2011
Beautiful wallpaper Vlad! It's not Mother's Day here in rainy old England but say Happy Mother's Day to your mother for all of us. Without her (and your father of course) our desktop wallpapers just wouldn't be the same.

Lukas Z  ·  9 May 2011
Three Screen Update? Pleaaase *chirp chirp* :-)

MN  ·  9 May 2011

tamalita  ·  9 May 2011
i love it :) thank you!

alexithymia  ·  9 May 2011
i love this pic. vlad ! :) bu resmi sevdim, vlad ! :)

Livanco  ·  9 May 2011
Отличная работа !!!! Постоянно играю в нее на ipod и ipad !!! Удивил, действительно удивил!!! Спасибо! Ну и всех Россиян С 9 Мая -Днем Победы УРА!!! )

Antonio  ·  9 May 2011
Bellissimo e geniale!! Bravo

Heidi  ·  9 May 2011
This is adorably cute! You should combine completely unrelated things more often. ;) Would a blue (instead of green) version be possible? If not, I'm perfectly fine with this one. Thank you! :)

Kelcey  ·  10 May 2011
Love Love Love Love Love:):):):):)

Roberta  ·  10 May 2011
Thank you so much for the beautiful Mother's Day wallpaper. What a treat for all mothers :-). Love your creative work! Saludos.

  ·  11 May 2011

John  ·  11 May 2011
One of my favorite wallpapers, I had to buy tiny wings after seeing this! :) Hope to see some more fan art in the future.

Juno  ·  12 May 2011

Ethan  ·  18 May 2011
I always thought the art in Tiny WIngs looked like yours! Bravo, well done!

delaney  ·  21 May 2011
I am 8 and I think it is lovely.

delaney  ·  21 May 2011
I am 8 and I think it is lovely.

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