Colin Huggins


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  9 July 2017
Where do  I start? First of all, this is  my first wallpaper since March 2013! It's been a long time indeed. I've been through different times, happy and difficult. Anyway, I kind of feel like drawing again! This wallpaper is dedicated to Colin Huggins. He's a pianist who plays in Washington Square in New York every Sunday for about 10 years now. We stumbled upon him by accident during a short travel to New York - and he turned out to  be one of our greatest impressions of the City. The very fact that a person can play in  a park for 10 years is unbelievable. But also, the atmosphere of listening to the piano in the park; Colin himself, playing straight to  my heart; strangers around, not always friendly at all, but mostly friendly - this all resonated with me  so much. Thanks for being there, Colin!

Jeremy Kemp  ·  9 July 2017
I'm so excited to see this! Welcome back. :) :) :)

Cinzia  ·  10 July 2017
We were waiting for you ...... Very happy!!!

Bzzz  ·  10 July 2017
Welcome back! :)

Max  ·  10 July 2017
It's great, you're back!

LTA  ·  10 July 2017
Glad you're back! PS, You should look at implementing SSL on the site. :)

Geoff  ·  10 July 2017
So happy you're back

jeva  ·  10 July 2017
I also missed you. I like your illustrations.

Sithdown  ·  10 July 2017
Nice to see you here again!

Leo L.  ·  10 July 2017
Nice one ! (the wallpaper, not the come back) :)

Kelcey  ·  10 July 2017
I was so surprised and thrilled to see a new illustration from you today! What a beauty it is too. Thank you Vlad:)

Isabelle Filippi  ·  10 July 2017
Love it.

Timothy Whitbeck  ·  10 July 2017
Really glad to see you creating again!

Ian  ·  10 July 2017
Lovely surprise return :)

Becky  ·  10 July 2017
So glad you are drawing again! You make us all happy :)

hintze  ·  10 July 2017
wow, thanks alot! maybe we will see more from you in the not-so-far future? would be great :)

roby  ·  11 July 2017
so happy! looking forward to new drawings.

Barb.  ·  11 July 2017
Hope you're doing well, Vlad! The new picture is wonderful. It makes me so happy to see new artwork from you. I have often wondered how you were doing over the years. It's nice to hear from you again.

jase  ·  12 July 2017
I just happened to stop by to look at some old favorites! Glad to see your work again. Mostly I appreciated your view of NY and the "people". We don't look at people enough here, we just look through them. GOOD CATCH!!!

bob  ·  12 July 2017
So happy to see this, thanks Vlad. I've been checking in every now and again in the hope you'd be back. I suddenly had a weird sense that I should check again and to my delight saw this. Great pic and great to see.

Manuel  ·  13 July 2017
Welcome back!

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