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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  14 November 2008
I felt really depressed today, so  I made this simple, simple wallpaper, with another 2-eye creature :-)

Piotr Kabala  ·  14 November 2008
Simple and beautiful. As always. And next time when feeling depressed, just think of the people you make happy with your art :)

Jon  ·  14 November 2008
depression is a recurring theme in your art, i hope you're getting help if needed. you're such a talented person and your work means a lot to so many people all over the world. as always, this is a lovely piece.

Mariana  ·  14 November 2008
You should not feel depressed. You are just an amazing artist, making people happy with your work. Have you ever imagined that there are people around the world (e.g. in a small city in Brazil) that feel happier puting your wallpapers in their desktops? :D Amazing job, as always. And, yes, depressing wallpapers are just stuning.

Jessica Schneider  ·  14 November 2008
Gorgeous! :) And I'm sorry you were feeling/are feeling depressed. I hope whatever it was/is thats making you feel that way leaves you soon **HUGE HUGS** Keep up the amazing work, Vlad :D

Ashwin Narasimhan  ·  14 November 2008
This is a great piece, as always. I hope what ever is bothering you is solved soon. :) Just think of all the people you make happy with your work. Ever since I saw your site, there has not been a day when I haven't used one of your wallpapers.

shay  ·  14 November 2008
Agreeing with everyone else. Your wallpapers always cheer me up ;)

Thiago  ·  14 November 2008
Like Mariana, I'm from a small city in Brazil. You and your art are really incredible. Just try to remember that people around the world enjoy your work and yourself. I wish you to be happy. Hugs

lisa  ·  14 November 2008
Your designs are fabulous.

Sylvain Madec  ·  14 November 2008
Like this one a lot! Your work is amazing, i hope you realize that!

Eric Domond  ·  15 November 2008
Your art is fantastic, Vlad. Remember, you're not alone. There are probably as many people whose day you make every time you create a new piece of art as there are stars in this piece. Keep ya head up!

BUNNl  ·  15 November 2008
Hope u feel a little better tomorrow! Your art is beautiful, and this is no different. Youve got amazing talent, especially with the way you express emotion with the images you create!

VladFan  ·  15 November 2008
I like it! I see lots of dark wallpapers recently. :-( I think you should cheer up and create more like "Tarsier", "Flying Elephant", or "Learning to Fly". Either way, I still like your wallpapers! :-)

Happy Man  ·  15 November 2008
I really like ur wallpapers, Vlad! :-D I have two computers at home, and an account at school. Both have your stunning wallpapers on them. At school almost every day, I have people complementing my wallpapers! :-) Good Work, Vlad! Keep it up!

Claudia Lopez  ·  15 November 2008
And from Mexico, really, your wallpapers brighten both my home and work computers, it's ok to be blue every now and then, but know that your work is lighting computer's screens all over the world. Cheer up mate! Beautiful work, as always!

Tharapong Sangasilpa  ·  15 November 2008
Great work! Your creativity and imagination are really limitless!

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  15 November 2008
Hey! I woke up this morning, and was amazed to find so many supporting comments! So I am not feeling depressed any more :-) Thanks a million!

Kelcey  ·  15 November 2008
I hope you're feeling better soon, thankyou for this wallpaper, it definitely put a smile on my dial:)

George Mariot  ·  15 November 2008
Vlad, Your work teach high artistic standards ! Thank you

Scott Hurst  ·  15 November 2008
Fantastic! This is now my favorite wallpaper done by you (sorry Square Elephant!). Feel better soon, Vlad!

Philippe  ·  15 November 2008
Depuis le début vos oeuvres sont des plaisirs pour les yeux. Et pour le coeur. Continuez!! Merci

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