Спящий ребёнок


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  17 April 2004

pretty  ·  long ago
outstanding work man!

mariana  ·  long ago
Gorgeous.. I like this dark blue. I'ts amazing how you can describe something so complex with a few shapes and tones. You are amazing. I like your profoud artworks and this one it's my favorite.

AMir  ·  long ago

Samara  ·  long ago
It`s great !!! Supper!!! Wow!!! I really like it. Good job ;-)

hai linh  ·  long ago
What's to say ? Fantastic ! ;-)

Karen  ·  long ago
(Y) (Just had to share this with ya'll)This wp soooo reminded me of a photograph I took of my daughter sitting on the kitchen floor (she was three yrs old, ok) eating crackers from a cup, in the sunlight. somehow the sunlight and flash gave the picture a complete black background, just the sunlight outline of her hair and the sunlight on her chubby little arms and hands could be seen. You have made my week ! I still have my photo, but my daughter will be 20 yrs old this May !! ugh....absolutely beautiful artwork though (L)

birol  ·  long ago
i am scared that you are an alien from space, Vlad. :)

eatspam  ·  long ago
one of my favorites... but could you post a widescreen version without the 'sleeping child' caption? It's a lot more powerful without the caption...

shanki  ·  long ago
behenchod mujhe kuch samajh mein hi nahi aaya.

Kaui   ·  long ago
Beautiful! I love your work

dodo  ·  long ago
mujse dosthi karongi my heart is burning ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh

big dog  ·  long ago
damn give all free (L)

Jennie  ·  long ago
You believe in Alien's?? I don't

Jennie  ·  long ago
Wat r u up too?? My cuzin Has seen a space ship even though i don't believe her.

ALE  ·  long ago

marjan  ·  long ago
thank you . very wonderful

kitty  ·  long ago
..................wow.......I don't really see the child....:-o smile smile

FiZI JUtt  ·  long ago
GooooD NIceee

Kitty  ·  long ago
..................wow.......I don't really see the child....:-o :-s (u)

Christopher   ·  long ago
I love the fabric texture. Excellent work.

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