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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  29 January 2009
First of all, I'm very sorry for lack of new wallpapers this month! January was not easy for me. Anyway, here is the new artwork, spent last 3 days on it. As always, Photoshop only. Wacom Cintiq heavily used. It  is a bit dark but I hope you will like it this way!

efand  ·  29 January 2009
my luck for the first comment again! as usual, AWESOME!!!!

Martin Trojan  ·  29 January 2009
Vlad, this is neat, I like it, especially the notes coming out of chimneys. Anyway, the amount of time spent on the wall could have made the walls odf the houses much different (I mean the mill at least) But I totally agree with my other half yelling out: THIS IS VLAD GERAMISOV AS WE KNOW HIM. Keep on ... as always. Also, first of - take good care of your inner life. Sorry for january being so hard on you.

pfennig59  ·  29 January 2009
This is so cute, dark, but cute, and the warm lights make it cozy. Thank you, Vlad!

lisa  ·  29 January 2009

Martin Stružský  ·  29 January 2009
Oh, it is awesome as usual! :-) I like you wallpapers with music theme as I'm a musician myself (I play the violin) and I also enjoy listening to music a lot...

Arthur Pustynin  ·  29 January 2009
Оригинально=) Сочетание цветов нравится.

BubDogg  ·  29 January 2009
Влад, надеюсь у тебя всё нормально, январь уже почти прошёл! Ждём с нетерпением новых работ! Всегда очень радуют работы связанные с музыкой. Спасибо!

Logoman  ·  30 January 2009
I love it ! Dark, but beautiful ! Thank you Vlad !

Adam Noble  ·  30 January 2009
This is really cool! Kinda halloween-ish.

Kelcey  ·  30 January 2009
Fantastic image, the nighttime look is cool but I'd love to see a daytime version:)

D. Iriana  ·  30 January 2009
Worth waiting for. Thanks!

Terry  ·  30 January 2009
Vlad, This is seriously the best "dark themed" wallpaper you've ever done. After MANY months, this wallpaper just replaced "a flying tree" as my desktop background.

Ronnie Ivy  ·  30 January 2009
I agree, love the music wallpaper. You should do something with drums!!!

Kinga  ·  30 January 2009
Yay!! Vlad is back! Nice work, it reminds me a little of halloween because of the orange windows :) :) Very whimsical too :)

chaitanya  ·  30 January 2009
Hi vlad, This one is amazing,its quite some time that you have created a dark theme.As always we love this creation too!!!!

Ivonna  ·  30 January 2009

Michael Leach  ·  30 January 2009
Terrific, I'm studying music, I love dark wallpapers, and this one is now on my dual-monitor desktop.

Christina (Australia)  ·  30 January 2009
Awesome Vlad, eeeerriieee, chilling, I want to put a jumper on looking at it! It's 43 degrees here in Melbourne, very hot hot hot, so this picture chills me out!! Welcome back :0)

Emilia Delacroix  ·  30 January 2009
THANK YOU!!! I like that there is music in the dark as there is light in the shadow... This wall is a great metaphore for myself.

Anna Maria Wallace  ·  30 January 2009
another lovely flight of your imagination, Vlad! Pure Magic after a bad day- Thank You!

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