Where Smiles Are Born (Version 2009)


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  15 October 2009
This is the re-designed version of  my old artwork, Where Smiles Are Born. I suddenly wanted to recreate it using my improved Photoshop skills. Hope you like it!

Martin Stružský  ·  17 October 2009
Oh my god, that's fantastic Vlad! Great improvement over the previous version... I envy you your skills and ideas :)

Xavier Robin  ·  17 October 2009
I must admit that I liked the old one better… rougher, simpler, maybe more naive, it had a special "vladstudio" touch. This one is more conventional, but it's not bad for all that.

  ·  17 October 2009
Unfortunately the old one is better. Please, do not trust photoshop too much ;)

Jo   ·  17 October 2009
I like them both. But the original was more "organic".... more natural..... there is room for both!

ReggieMann  ·  18 October 2009
Love this one better than the other - much clearer and sharper. Just my opinion. As stated previously there is room for both :)

Vladimir  ·  18 October 2009
awesome... i like it... Следую твоим примерам ;)

Layne  ·  19 October 2009
I think they are two completely different things i like the old one better

Sharon Robak  ·  19 October 2009
Too cute for words!

Daniel Pfuhl  ·  19 October 2009
Hi Vlad, nice work but to straight - in my opinion. I like the old one better. I have it as background on my mobile phone since years ;-)

Gary aka skyzyk  ·  19 October 2009
Excellent job my friend. I still use the orig. Good job. It still makes me smile.

Sandra  ·  20 October 2009
The new one looks more professional, but lacks style and personal touch. Maybe you could create a third version of the wallpaper which features your photoshop skills and your personality.

dims  ·  20 October 2009
I support Sandra's idea :)

MA  ·  21 October 2009
Vlad, do you make good money making when you create these desktop backrounds? thanks! :)

KB  ·  21 October 2009
Dear Vlad, I agree with those who told you, that the first one had much more personality. I miss that in your new designs quite a lot! It would be such a shame if you'd completely "forget" that good old Vlad-design, and concentrate this much on Photoshop-skills!!!

sonia  ·  21 October 2009
خیلی خوبه ......Thats Very Nice ,

kola  ·  21 October 2009
love it :) Thank you a lot.

Arthur Pustynin  ·  21 October 2009
Сильно просто.

AMPIT  ·  21 October 2009
Th first one was beautiful, this one is even better. I used the first one for many weeks, I will use this one as well. All the best. Thanks

MANSOUR FADUL BAKHIET  ·  22 October 2009
nice work vlad.

Michael S Lewis  ·  25 October 2009
Thank You ........for you art work and being kind enough share it with us.....!

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