Terms of Use

The terms below describe what you can and cannot do with images downloaded from Vladstudio website.

You are free and welcome to (premium account is not required):

  • use my artworks as backgrounds for computers and other devices of yourself, your friends and family;
  • print my artworks for your personal use (such as wall poster, t-shirt, greeting card, custom credit card, etc), as long as you do not sell the things you print my artworks on;
  • do anything else that suggests personal use.

You can use my artworks on your website (blog) if this site is personal, not business or organization:

  • clickable link to vladstudio.com is required on each page where my art is used;
  • my artwork should be hosted on your server - do not link to images on my server.

Without my explicit written permission, you cannot:

  • use my artworks in your business identity (such as business cards, logos, websites, graphics, etc);
  • use my artworks in book or CD covers (unless you distribute it free of charge - vladstudio.com must be credited);
  • use my artworks in graphics for your business (illustrations, game backgrounds, etc);
  • sell my artworks in any way;
  • use my artworks on website that brings you profit (such as business site, auction, etc) or represent your organization (even not-for-profit).
  • To get such permission, contact me and describe where and how you'd like to use my artworks.

You absolutely cannot:

  • publish links to Vladstudio files marked "for premium users" (or files themselves) anywhere (including your blog, forums, etc);
  • use my artworks in any way without giving credit (linking) to vladstudio;
  • use my artworks as part of (or decoration of) your design studio, portfolio, etc.;
  • use my artworks as part of design that you sell to others.
  • use my artworks in HTML templates (such as Wordpress themes, etc), Flash templates or other redistributable web products (free or paid).

You may purchase Royalty-free license for one or more images; it will give you rights described in Vladstudio License Agreement.

When you purchase Vladstudio premium account, you get access to high-quality images and other exclusive files of vladstudio.com. However, premium account does not change any of terms above, they apply to premium users as well.