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Vlad Gerasimov 21 September 2007
This is about another musical instrument - charango. This is not a photo! Made entirely in Photoshop (except wood texture).
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George long ago
This is amazing i can't believe you made two of these consecutively in such a sort amount of time, i'm sure i have many requests but if you some how made one for a french horn, that would be unbelievably appreciated
feng shaun long ago
please please make one for piano!!!
Javier long ago
Nice!! i'm from Argentina and a fan of your wallpapers :) The charango is a musical instrument of this part of the world... it's a beautiful surprise find this! Also thanks for the wallpaper of Buenos Aires!
milla long ago
Yes! Make one for piano, Vlad!! :D Charango is so beautiful!
Javier long ago
A little detail... the background shows a partiture of a guitar (6 strings) the charango has only 5 :D
MuzikJunky long ago
Wow, that’s really incredible. But how about doing one of a Roland TR-808 for us lovers of drum machines? Peace.
leitner peter long ago
Mohammed Korashy long ago
So Professional !!
running long ago
wow. you took my breath away. (and i vote for piano too)
Piotr D long ago
Welcome, please nute :) beautiful! poland piotrd
amok long ago
omg is simply just perfect!!!
kasia.sta long ago
fantastic!!!! :)
KhoaTran long ago
Great!! I love it.
Jan Blazicek long ago
Hey, beautifil work Vlad. This is not a request, but something like suggestion -- > Make one with saxophone for those loving jazz music, I think it will look awesome. And piano of course :)...
Daniel Lange long ago
Hey, I love your wallpaperworks ... they are always so beautifull. I'm playing piano and I think if you could make one such Wallpaper with a piano I would have found my perfect wallpaper! :) Thanks Daniel
Terence Ramsey long ago
Beautiful. Love it! Any chance we could get a dreadnought acoustic?
LucasDT long ago
Once again great one. As Javier said, the charango is a clasic Argentinian instrument that's much used in folklore. Thanks again for your wonderfull, wonderfull job!
Cynthia long ago
WOW! Awesome! Charango is very popular Andean instrument! Sound is just great! Good memories of Machu-Pichu and South America. THANKS HEAPS !!!!!
GwenGuin long ago
Absolutely lovely!! You capture the spirit as well as the image of the charango. I come visit your site, just to enjoy your artwork. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Hugs and kisses, Gwen
Jahnoth long ago
I also vote for a saxophone version. Make one of those, and I'll subscribe. :)
Jacob long ago
It is so beautiful. My background as I type. I would love a saxophone. Out of all of the instruments I love and play it is my favorite. If you could make a saxophone I would be GREATLY appreciative.
Jeanne Ross long ago usual! You never disappoint. What a talent you have! Keep up the GREAT work.
treadwind long ago
I like it!
greg long ago
it is so beautiful that i would want to cry.
Sean Butler long ago
Really nice, perhaps an acoustic guitar too? I know it looks similar but i think it would look amazing.
Aurora long ago
Vlad you and me have the same age, te admiro mucho, mi ejemplo a seguir thank you
EnlightenmMe long ago
ttaeng i long ago
thank you!! good !!good!!
Jordan Ingram long ago
the music ones are almost my new favorites. thanks
Sunny long ago
Great work as always Vlad. Can you create something with reggae as its basis? This series on music is dark. That one can be brighter. That would be cool.
slump long ago
Hi Vlad! Can I use this and the violin one to be as a Rockbox (open source music player) theme? Regards, Ha Le-Viet.
Kareem Khazem long ago
Karen 23 February 2008
like this one. Seen your flower wallpapers also. Please make more with flower theme
Nicole Timofeyeva 24 June 2008
Wow! Great work! Any plans for 1920x1200 on dual monitor setup in the future?
kevin1999 25 September 2009
you are very good
Mercedeh 15 September 2014
Perfect!!!! I like it.Your talent can't be underestimated.
asma 18 June 2015
You are such an artist i wish if you could show us how do work on the photoshop and thanks