Squares 1


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Vlad Gerasimov 26 September 2007
This is very simple abstract wallpaper, for easy desktop, originally designed as wallpaper clock (you can find it  in Wall Clocks Gallery)
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riya long ago
very nice wallpper..the colour is fab!!
dJ_aLi_0321-2772008 long ago
one word for define.......AWESOME
sedef long ago
thats so nice
Nick long ago
Ñóïåð! Âëàä, ñïàñèáî! :)
coyote long ago
I love the simplicity of this wallpaper! And of course, the colors :)
LucasDT long ago
Simple abstract wallpapers are always a plus. Great as usual. (I'm running out of flattering things to say about your work ;) )
Eloisa long ago
Squares, it's so romantic...
Jay Reyes (Manila, Philippines) long ago
Deep sea blue.. ..reminds me of the wonderful beaches here in the Philippine Kingdom!!!
Mufaddal long ago
im a big fan of ur abstract pieces especially the blue ones
feng shaun long ago
awesome again!
athost long ago
Âëàäèê! Òû îõóåë!
suzz long ago
Depp 31 January 2008
Please, if someone has an opportunity... Send High quality 1440x900 или1600x1200. It is very grateful! P.S. Simply my the most favourite wallpapers!
franz 1 June 2008
Erick Armando Flores Alvarez 4 May 2013
Me encanta terminar cada uno de los rompecabezas.
Aman 12 November 2013
I give 4.5 stars to this Clocks... But they should have give high priority to "DexClock Software" which is easy to use..
eliot 29 October 2014
i love Squares 1, the blue squares... so beautiful.. came here to get one for my new retina iMac, but its not quite as big... will you be making any wallpapers in 3200/1800 ? i sometimes go full size on it to have a lot of windows open at once