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Vlad Gerasimov 25 October 2007
Dedicated to Adobe Photoshop, my primary work and hobby tool!
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Bob long ago
Nice colours, but for me its a bit "too" plain^^. Nice idea though. Keep up the great work, I'm allways very impressed^^
Joe long ago
I LOVE this so hard!!!
|T|2|B| long ago
Vlad, you rock!!!
ThoR long ago
great job pal
Michelle Roach long ago
Wonderful and beautiful, as always. Thanks, Vlad!
idin... long ago
it is yourself velad....
Richard Brown long ago
I love your work, it is always great.
ismail long ago
i want wide screen wallpapers
Justin long ago
dont like this too much at all. i LOVE the idea of it, but its just a bit too scattered for my liking. still hoping for 1 more halloween wallpaper. have not liked any of them this year.
Mohammed Korashy long ago
That's So Nice... I Like The Transperent background ! I Never Tried A Transperent background before !!
LucasDT long ago
Really nice one!
Ludmila long ago
Self made.
Mufaddal long ago
Brilliant... a nice tribute
Sharon long ago
jim long ago
nagen long ago
looks great but the background is kinda plain.... :-)
Ampit long ago
The idea is great. And the colors and background. Thanks again
YIG long ago
Perfect in every way... But how about lifetime membership for $15?
blue long ago
Dhawal Vaghela long ago
The background is not plain, only Photoshop-ers know that the background is transparent ;)
caro long ago
siempre haces cosas bonitas, eres un gran artista
Felipe Edoardo long ago
That's too adorable for words.
George Mariot long ago
Nice simple and so "photoshoping" ides !
Spiral long ago
... long ago
Soo cutee
carolifen long ago
Hi! i like the "paint effect" in the girl's dress, the color and the lighting is soooo gorgeous [which is your trademark, isn' it ;)] thanks for this nice wallpaper! :D :) ps: would you like to tell us how to create that effect, Vlad? thanks
Guido long ago
Hey man, you really rock!! My desktop has never been so beautiful! Everybody loves looking at it and you make computers a better place! Keep going!
miss lileh long ago
i love ur pacman halloween background
A long ago
love your work
GauL long ago
Adding a bit of shadow to the pictures would give some feeling of depth ?!
老万 long ago
hussam long ago
what he doing
UNKNOWN long ago
10100 01001000 0100101011100100 111101010010010101010 0101010101010101 0101001010 101010101 010101010101 1011 0 01 101 10 110 10 1010101 11010101 100 10 01 01 0001 10 00 01 00 10 = ^_^ smeet ^_^
Michael Leach 15 January 2008
Looks fantastic on my desktop - almost 3D. Can you make another one like this, please?
可惜 30 January 2008
sasa 5 March 2008
Vicki 30 March 2008
I adore this one... I use Paint shop Pro so totally connect with this one. Cant beleive your amazing talent...all your wallpapers are simply brilliant.
moniq 2 November 2008
I love your design . Awesome !!! respect :_) cheers from Poland moniq
LooR 18 February 2009
...Amazing... as usual
Phil 19 September 2009
Vlad, all your creations are truly brilliant! Well done!
Tobin 13 December 2009
Too damn cute ;) I'm just going to have to adopt you :)
seenu 22 January 2010
That'sThe idea is great. And the colors and background. Thanks again So Nice... I Like The Transperent background !I'm allways very impressed,
$$$$$ 15 March 2010
asoro este saite principalmente das aranhas e nao se esquecam osnoopy estara sempre no meu coraçao!!!!!!!! ja agora quem quiser doar 10$ teja a vontade:)
erika 24 October 2010
i love it!!!!!!
Hannah 4 May 2011
Its the best one
AM.NC <3 21 October 2012
simply cool!
Ana 10 February 2013
Thaaaank you!
simran 29 October 2014
miss u too