The GiddyUp Tree and The Bickham Script Tree

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Vlad Gerasimov 15 May 2008
Well, I admit this is  a bit weird wallpaper :-) I took 2 beautiful but very different fonts, GiddyUp and Bickham Script, and made 2 trees from them. This way, the letters are growing from the book.
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Aud 15 May 2008
wonderful... as always!
Tim Lockridge 15 May 2008
This is absolutely one of your best. Well done!
wowtowoo 15 May 2008
good job!
Haz 15 May 2008
Oooh! AMAZING! I love it! Tutorial, maybe? ;)
Jason 15 May 2008
Blown Away! Well Done. Is that Shakespeare?
Vlad Gerasimov 15 May 2008
Thanks! Jason: yes it is! You know, to be or not to be and so on :-)
janedoe 15 May 2008
weird or not, it is fabulous! i love it :)
Jynrya 15 May 2008
Wow... This is definitely an interesting concept. I really love that Bickham Script tree... Such a beautiful font! And wonderful work... As usual. ^_~
AMPIT 15 May 2008
I like it, and more than one interpretation may come out of it. I like it very much. Thanks
Marija 15 May 2008
It's beautiful I like trees :)
Biani Aguayo Borrell 15 May 2008
Love it!!! I really love all your walls!! I was wondering what happend to the "Squares" wallapers and the "Jazz Band" wallpaper. i really love them but unfortunately lost them when mi pc crashed. Can u upload them again? Thx!!!
Rit@ 15 May 2008
I like the trees..... thank you vlad
Chris 15 May 2008
Chaeseok Lim 15 May 2008
Very impressive wallpaper! How about wallpapers about korean character HANGUL ? Thanks for your good work!
FROGIER Yannick 16 May 2008
Vlad, what do you think movie wallpaper? By the way, thank you for this sumptuous picture.
Mathilde 16 May 2008
Love it ! I like the chemistry between trees and old book. Thanks !
Eugenia Noriega Plancarte 16 May 2008
I love the idea, and the trees are beatufil, but I think I would like it even more if each of them was a wallpaper on its own, not two in one.
sart [ vlad fan] 16 May 2008
truly awesome.....................Is there any other 4 this in dictionary? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr8 idea and concept..........nice
Kurt Lorenz 16 May 2008
Amazing... Thank you. I would love to see a tutorial on how you draw your trees.
Tina Marie Randall 17 May 2008
Breathtaking Vlad. This is the type of wallpaper that fits me to a "T"!!! My latest favorite was "Diving", but this is my new fave! Beautifu, thanks!
sandeep 19 May 2008
Its Really Fantastic
Puddnik 19 May 2008
Your first wall I had to change within a few days - since I noticed a face on one of the trees, now it's all I see. I won't say where, I don't want to ruin it for anyone else. Otherwise, great concept!
Mariya K-W 21 May 2008
Every time I want to comment, I just can't find what to say!!! Amazing :)
Raluca 22 May 2008
Very beautiful!Amazing!I'ved understand this picture.Is with letters...Cool!
Rob 23 May 2008
This is absolutely stunning! You have been bookmarked for the future.
Denver 25 May 2008
I do love your designs...Keep it up.
Nick 25 May 2008
tree-book... if someone would sell theese would get rich... XD
Dave 29 May 2008
I love it! Thanks for your dedication to beauty and excellence!
Vishal Shah 31 May 2008
Behzad 31 May 2008
oh.yes .Very good.ihave
VIOLET 10 June 2008
Bibi 14 June 2008
I work in a library - how apt and beautiful your book wallpapers look in my office, especially "the tree of books" and "google library". They give me a good feeling when I switch on my computer in the morning. Magnifique !Thank you for this new one. I wish you never-ending inspiration.
ale 18 June 2008
You are a GREAT ARTIST!!! thanks you for give me your work.
milad yousefi 30 June 2008
I come from to Iran .I enjoy from your picture
Anggie 9 July 2008
i like your work. It's very expresion emotions... great ! XD..
Ces 16 July 2008
Qué lindas imágenes
... 30 September 2008
la classe ...
Natassja, 25 June 2009
This is amazing.rnIm planning on getting this tattooed on me.rnOh my this is amazing.rn
Elya 27 August 2009
Jhock fransua 24 April 2010
absolutly divine!!! :)
SGI 6 June 2011
This remains my favourite, and has been reinstalled on my desktop. Just lovely Thank You Vlad
sunny 28 October 2011
thank you
Kristóf Jakab 29 October 2012
It will be great, if you would make a derivative from this, with hebraic and greek script (the pages can be from Bible, the hebraic from Book Gensis, the greek from Gospell of John). I'll be very happy and thankful...
CookieCupcake 7 September 2017