The Running Horse

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Vlad Gerasimov 3 June 2008
My another dedication to  a horse! As always, Adobe Photoshop only (with the help of Wacom tablet).
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Oziel 3 June 2008
Hi Vlad! That goes without saying, you love horse. Gorgeous! Thank you again...
pawell 3 June 2008
something wrong with horse-tail, imho
KaruMy 3 June 2008
What a beautiful one. Bravo ! Thank you so much.
s.sixer chinna karthi 3 June 2008
very supper.................excellent
Marija 3 June 2008
Wow,wow,wow I hav'nt words ,it's so beautiful !Thank's :)
megan 3 June 2008
beautiful !
~sabhtarsha~ 3 June 2008
Beautiful !!!
Christina (Australia) 3 June 2008
So magical & striking. I can't stop staring at it! You are the God of all wallpapers, well done!
Nick Khomchuk 3 June 2008
Влад, картинка супер - как всегда ;) ЗЫ: ИМХО, ну не растет так хвост у лошадей. Может немного подкорректируешь ? :)
Vlad Gerasimov 3 June 2008
pawell, Nick - yes I am not happy with the tail too. I will improve it as soon as I have time. Thanks for noting!
LucasDT 3 June 2008
The thing with the tail is that the source is spread while it should be concentrated. It should be born from just one spot, not for several. Hope that helps.
V. Arora 3 June 2008
Absolutely Stunning Vlad! Your work is just amazing -- all of it.
Journeyer 3 June 2008
Vlad, I really like this wallpaper! Once you finish fixing the tail, it will be perfect!
Frank 3 June 2008
Alvaro Mendez 3 June 2008
Uno de los mejores fondos de pantalla ;) On the best wallpapers.
Leti 3 June 2008
Looks powerful! Do you think that is possible that the horse runs to the right? Thnks :)
Ashwin Narasimhan 3 June 2008
Vlad, you're the greatest.
Jessica Schneider 3 June 2008
Just gorgeous! Perfection at it's best!
Lucia 3 June 2008
only one word : beutiful :D i prefer in blue because i love blueeeeee but it's my crazy opinion XD
Manjunath Pola 4 June 2008
Amazing background.. hats off you are the best
Tanuj Goyal 4 June 2008
Ann Temple-Morris 4 June 2008
Vlad, I love this. it is awesome! Great work as always.
Suzana 4 June 2008
I absolutely love this, a wonderful tribute to all the wonderful qualities of a Horse.
none 6 June 2008
CoOl & AwE sOmE BuT tHeRe Is A mIsTaKe WiTh ThE TaLe :d
1998 6 June 2008
Hosein (Islamic Republic Of Iran) 6 June 2008
Its very very good thnx
SoniX 7 June 2008
Bravo! good horse!
felix the cat 7 June 2008
Tril 7 June 2008
Love it, but could you produce a version without the harness?
Ilmarien 9 June 2008
good job! this is a perfect pic ;)
Rit@ 11 June 2008
Vlad Gerasimov-- are you the real vlad?? Because I think no... prove it to me wp
Joseph Robinson 19 June 2008
Yichen Zhang 20 June 2008
It would be better without the rein. More purer and freedom. Could you make such version for us? Thank you
Meredith Garrelts 23 June 2008
I love this background. It is so gorgeous!
Beverly 23 June 2008
You should make more horse ones they are so awesome!
Lili (Spain) 24 June 2008
Wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!
Ondrej Konecny 2 July 2008
Kathie Christ 15 July 2008
Fantastic! My horse crazy daughter loves this!!
Taren 15 July 2008
HORSES RULE!!!!!!!!!!!
Allan (CUBA) 29 July 2008
Te quedo caballo el wallpaper!!! ;-)) 29 July 2008
nana 14 August 2008
one of the best!! 19 September 2008
mostafa 7 October 2008
very nice
mostafa 7 October 2008
Feng Wang 30 October 2008
I love this one most!
miss pink 8 December 2008
very nice picture has also been turned into a bebo skin
14 December 2008
Thts Pwettey
Eugenia 19 January 2009
Really awsome, Vlad!! Mangificent....!! Could you pleeeease do it in blue, also?? Thanks, anyway!!!
ops 12 October 2009
jest git :P
terre 2 January 2010
Truly beautiful--but I must comment that the horse is actually trotting, not running (diagonal legs moving together). Not that it makes the slightest difference to the art!
Ro 3 February 2010
Awesome composition. Probably one of your best
hehe 2 May 2011
i like this
khoa bui 3 June 2011
i like it
emma 9 June 2011
I LOVE THIS PIC!!!!!!!!!!! ITS MY BACKRGROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!
meb 20 January 2012
Robin 29 February 2012
sanjay lamichhane 6 June 2012
wanderful!!!! , no comment
nayma 22 June 2012
George Mariot 15 September 2012
How I did miss this superb mix of power and color!
ravish 7 November 2017
what a amazin good
Mary Falcone 31 December 2017
Love your work! , have been a fan since I got the lifetime membership a few years back. Were almost into 2018. WOW, how time flies..... How are things going for you now? Whoa what is this Anti-spam alarm?