Above The Clouds


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Vlad Gerasimov 5 August 2006
this is another of  my many wallpapers with deep philosophical meaning! :-)
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www.sabellinc.com long ago
Your work is wonderful!! (Y) (L) Sarah
lala long ago
i love it! thanks! :)
araz long ago
it's nice. ;-)
may11 long ago
i lv so much. thanks
tHa long ago
nice.. (Y)
sally long ago
Linda Lika long ago
So Süß!
gina long ago
i think its cute
wyc long ago
You are great, Vlad! (Y) Your wallpaper is always my favorite! The best wallpaper ever!! ;-)
万大江 long ago
从中国不能访问你的站点了。 your web site can not be found in china.
paula long ago
This is my favorite one! I dont think its that hard to judge. im guessing its just saying having your head up in the clouds may not be such a bad thing, its better than being in the rain. or just having a positive outlook on life. Or maybe it is makeing fun of our society. I think that this is a great picture.
wyc long ago
@ 万大江: 已经有一个多月了……只好用代服了。
Angela long ago
love love love love love it.
Sally long ago
This made me cry. My best friend moved across the state last year and since then she's been really depressed and, dare I say, emo. We've always been on opposite sides of optimism. (I'm the one above the clouds) She always tells me how much where she is doesn't feel like home. What's worse is her favorite animal happens to be the giraffe. I'm not sure whether my crying is good or bad...
Morgan Vitt age 11 long ago
This has ben one of my favorites for years
nikki long ago
waz up people
gingus long ago
Great Art .... So Yeah!!
Franki long ago
karen long ago
so pretty........
bibs long ago
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! *-*
TxAngela long ago
This is the best site I have found for desktop wallpaper. Great work! Thanks for sharing your work with everyone Vlad. (Y) :-)
gokben(turkiye) long ago
çok sevimli :)
steve long ago
all your wallpapers are so cool!! fantastic
m long ago
) ýõ.....êðàñèâî.......âîò áû è ìíå òàê.....)
jade long ago
Vlad I am laughing all over the place! this is great. I had my own head in the clouds after having a tooth pulled last week and the dentists perscribed pain pills...before the pull, felt as though head was just above the water or in this giraff's case, rain! Thanks Vlad!! Jade
mean guy long ago
they are all shit!!!!!!!!!!!!(N)
zimm long ago
just astonishing, wow. this work of art brought me here from some wallpaper site, and after browsing i have much love for all of your work. as a musician, i can appreciate the fact that emotion is everything you are trying to convey to your audiance. you have done this in a simple yet elegtant manner. all artists strive for this, and you have achieved it. you are now an inspiriation for me, thank you. keep up the good work.
zimm long ago
several proofreads, and yet, elegtant should read elegant.
Priscila long ago
This is so adorable! Ever since I discovered your site, there has never been a time when my desktop image wasn't one of you beautiful creations! Thank you and congratulations for your talent! Your little pieces of art are always greatly appreciated all the way here in a little computer in Brazil!
mean guy long ago
looks like a second grader did this
mean guy long ago
lol- just kidding! I actually love all your wallpapers- thx :-)
mean guy long ago
I'm not really a "mean guy"
Suzanne long ago
Very sweet and on my desktop now, though the deep philosophical meaning eludes me :-)
Joey long ago
It's a shame the logo is still as big so the START bar won't hide it :(
Sebastian long ago
Hum, dont really like it. Sure, nice idea, but not talking to me.
svetleto long ago
It is realy good! (Y) REASONABLE! (Y)
spliket long ago
Joey, if you pay to become a registered member, you can download the hi-res versions of the wallpapers (these do not have the logo). plus, they look better!
Cynthia Ebbal long ago
I've checked few of your wallpapers and i found them amazing! Well done. Please, bring some more !!!!
George long ago
omg vlad this is amazing, i love it, u HAVE todo a tutorial for this it would be amazing... well i really hope you do this is awesome : ) keep up the good work
tinniewinnie long ago
good job! :-)
singapore long ago
So pretty!! (L)
MonsoonStorm long ago
What a previous poster mentioned about China is true, I'm not sure which service provider you are with. I have to go through a proxy (which I pay for). However you are completely worth it! I love these 'two' wallpapers, and the others in similar styles. They are all brilliant. The subscription was worth every penny.
bevieb long ago
VERY philosophical, I agree!
fatima egypt long ago
You are the besttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt :-) everrrrrrrrrr , keep it up (Y)
MonsoonStorm long ago
Actually Vlad, one suggestion, Would it be possible to extend the sides of the widescreen versions rather than crop the top and bottom off? Sometimes it loses the great perspective of the pictures, when I compare them to the normal pictures I think 'wow, that looks so much better!' For these ones I end up adding black borders or trying to 'hash' a wider version. Just a thought...
aydin long ago
oh yes it's so good i love it
V for Vlad long ago
O_O" FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! (Y)
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
MonsoonStorm: thanks. This will not be easy to do - I design all my wallpapers in 3200x2400 size, which is "standard" screen, and to produce widescreen I have no option but to crop the image.
Ally long ago
It's on my desktop now! I love this one. AMAZING! I'm 100% addicted to your website, and I won't stop coming here until I've seen all the pictures. You have a talent. You really do.
vickyvulture long ago
absoloutely brilliant :o) keep up the great work (Y)
FrogJD2 long ago
Beautiful! I love your wallpapers so much that I'm advertising for you on my webpage--and using your tutorials to give my page a cool look! True greatness inspires others, and you've certainly inspired me.
raj long ago
i think its really nice
Ashwin long ago
Nice wallpaper.
Justin long ago
I would second this for a tutorial. Mainly for to see how you made the sun , sky & rain. This is so awesome! hope to see a tutorial in the future!
aj long ago
one of ur best works till now(:-D)...nice one!!! (Y) keep it up
Jung Jae young long ago
I'm from south korea so cute~~!
fooz long ago
flying into emagenation :-)
sonic chelyabinsk long ago
very perfect site though it may sound weird. awesome talent and imagination. exclusive art i have never seen before. vlad u created unique style that is amazing.
Moo long ago
Dhawal Vaghela long ago
The contrast between the upper half and lower half is so stark that I just keep looking down, and then up, and then down again. My mind just can't catch the two contrasting images together in one picture. I guess when I'm able to do that, I would have learnt an important lesson. I'll be waiting for that day.
Dhawal Vaghela long ago
All the way (Y).
Liska long ago
this work really gives hope :) but I see some details to retuch to make the philosophical meaning even more deep! may I ask you one question? how old are you, Vlad? :)
Câline long ago
This is amazing... You have a real gift Vlad! Even my cat was staring to the monitor for a while and then put her paw over the balloon. Thanks for share your talent with us. :-)
Kiaros long ago
The way life should be viewed :-D
koko long ago
Nice Picture
fahime long ago
so sweet ;-)
Andrea long ago
Astounding work! I really love this. I think your work is wonderful and very inspiring. Keep it up! -Greetings from Honduras
HC long ago
Two series are all really cute :-)... You are the best!!!
Jaideep long ago
It sure is raining out here at the moment and that must be me under the clouds :-D Its a very sweet, child-like innocent concept, just love these concepts.
nik long ago
Sooooooooooo beautiful But i think the logo is big .. if you can make it smaller ... ?? thank U sooooooooooooooo much ... :-)
mehrdad long ago
emogirl long ago
nazi long ago
az in behtar nemishe, no second to this ;-}
gabs long ago
i love the way these are drawn ! they make them cute! ;-)
phontanka long ago
Superb. Reminds me of looking down from a TV tower on a mountain. A storm underneath and clear sunshine above.
katie long ago
i love this one its my favorit
Yasmeen long ago
This wallpaper makes me smile :] ur r more than just talent
Justin long ago
nik: hes not going to make the logo smaller just because you ask. if you want the logo gone, then register
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Thanks Justin :-)
Amy long ago
Love your work...its always on my computer...keep up the great work!!
فرشي long ago
You are AMAZING;)
سجاد long ago
زرافه در هر صورت هم قدش بلنده.....
Anonymous long ago
The deep philosophical meaning escapes my knowledge. Would you explain? I love your works. Ten thumbs up! (Y) x10
Jury long ago
The meaning is - if you're a giraffe, you don't care, if you're a small human, you'd stick the balloon and then you don't care :-)
Jury long ago
Vlad, will you please disable Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Right shortcuts. Usually they're used as "one word left" and "one word right" when editing something like this comment. Accident pressing leaves the comment unfinished - this happened with me 4 times before I realized the reason. That's really distracting. (N)(N)(N)
Deepak N long ago
Man.... you rock big time... great job.. :-)
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Jury: true! I did not think about that. I changed keyboard shortcuts to Ctrl-Alt-Arrows. Enjoy (Y)(Y)(Y)
carmen long ago
I love your stuff! Have you ever thought of printing it onto a canvas?
Louanne long ago
Really great wallpapers. My computer screen is always changing. Thank you. (Y)
Teddy long ago
Reallly Great Vlad...You rock...too bad i dont have enuff money to buy it :-(
Nainaaaaaaaaa long ago
Hasan long ago
hmmmmmmmmmmm..... .............................................nice....!!!!
Rabbi long ago
Mina long ago
Tanzinnnnnnnnn long ago
Sunny long ago
Might have a deep philosophical meaning but is just too complex. Your best works are simple yet deep in meaning.
aliM long ago
verenabloo long ago
The whimsy in your creations is just wonderful. I have saved your artwork in a special little folder and just love having these creations on my desktop, they make me smile many days instead of shedding a tear. Your work is so very unique and special. I keep looking for more new ones each day. Thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful world with all of us. The tender sweetness in these is sooooooooo special...I am glad you are part of our caedes group of friends now also...thank you thank you...Verena
Marissa Brightside long ago
The giraffes are my favorite animals, and this is my favorite wallpaper .... I think it is very beautiful and every time I turn on my computer and see it puts me in a good mood because I think it has a deeper message from that seen at first sight, whom you have done is a genius.... PS: sorry if this have errors...... I don't speak english
Julis long ago
Its Beatiful
lin long ago
hey guys I love ya all!
Maria 11 January 2008
I love your work. Keep it up.
LOCORETO 15 January 2008
Katty 26 January 2008
stistirillina 31 January 2008
trovo questo sfondo unico nell'originalità e nella bellezza... veramente stupendo!
shaun 23 February 2008
far out stuff. could u have something like an easter thing please.
screaming mimi 6 March 2008
how cute! this is usually how i feel every day have a great day!
highlandstorm 23 March 2008
Amazing. Inspiring. Creative. Revolutionary. I love your wall-papers. I don't care that the logo is apparent - you deserve the reference! Keep the beautiful thoughts coming, Vlad! What a wonderful ful addition to our world you are!
chris[gr] 9 April 2008
Vlad, a few things you might wanna know (or not): a. being so special as you, it doesn't bring friends, only people who respect and admire you and who -like me of course- envy you. I kind of hate you, but in a positive way. b. if i were filthy rich i would buy you and have you create just for me.
Mica 20 April 2008
wow~ great sense of humour in this one! your works are so impressive and i love the idea of your work ;)
roro^_^ 11 June 2008
woooow , I like your sence in this work , it is soo acsses -road , really you have funny ideas ^_^ , I like it sooooo much :D
Pablo Pinheiro 20 July 2008
É meu amigo, gostei demais de suas imagens. Estou tentando aprender um pouco de photoshop mas depois de ver suas telas não sei se desisto ou me dedico integralmente. Sua arte é de impressionar. Quem me dera ter todo este talento. Meus parabens. Ass P43LO. вы поняли
Ana Beatriz Gestal Vargas 22 September 2008
That's my wallpaper now! love it
katrinne 28 September 2008
so gorgeous :O Love it :)
009susan@gmail.com 4 October 2008
Janiva 30 January 2009
Your wallpapers're the best among all I've seen and i reli appreciate your style of drawing. Love every piece of your artwork, especially this one :] keep going! xxxx
Jana 26 February 2009
The wallpapers are amazing! I've never seen anything similar to this...cute, romantic, wonderful...I love it!
nicka 28 March 2009
Я Тучка, Тучка, Тучка, А вовсе не медведь. Ах, как приятно Тучке По небу лететь!
Lauren 3 April 2009
I've never thought that above the sky of a rainy day, you are so creative! awesome, i'm so lucky that i found your site=) you are amazing
Cindy 23 December 2009
It's okay not great but okay
Thebeetle 1 July 2010
This is a fantastic peice! i (of course) love everything that you do!! But i was wondering how you do these drawings....?.... :/ Keep up the stunning work! :)
Mike 24 March 2011
I finally found the source where this image comes from.... it has a very special meaning to me in my life. All the images are great. Thx
Aarohi 16 December 2011
I love your wallpapers!! They are so vibrant and absolutely make my day :). Thanks for sharing all the awesomeness, you're the BEST!
Chandrakanth 22 July 2013
I saw almost all of Vlad's work on this site... I like many of his wallpapers, but this one has no parallel. Beautiful, captivating, thoughtful, inspiring, innocent, deep, emotive. Its been 7 years that this wallpaper ruled my desktop. A thing of beauty is joy forever. Thanks Vlad!
nostalgic 9 March 2014
i had a nokia device few years back, this was my fav wallpaper back then, now i found it for my android device screen
Zoe 25 June 2014
I love the style. Keep moving!
Anne Kaelber 14 March 2015
I absolutely *love* this piece of artwork and I would love to add my poem to it for a laptop skin. How do I get permission to edit the image to add a text layer, so I can order the skin?
juan 12 August 2015
es mi wallpaper favorito ^_^