Air of Abstraction 10

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  18 April 2004
I wonder how I did it :)

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Chris  ·  long ago
I love your work....always LQQKing to see what's new....

Duygu & Cengiz  ·  long ago
How that can be paint? Imposible was painted. Really Good. (L)

Blue Electrica  ·  long ago
Kind of like Blue Electrica!! Like electrics and its blue!!! COol! ;-) I wish i can make a background like that!!!!! :-( but i am happy to find this!!!! :-)

Bubblegum  ·  long ago
the stuff in this site is of a very high artistic standard.. very pleasing to the eye.. good work.. I really like it.. not just this one but 90% of the rest.. Very very good

masha  ·  long ago
one of the best wallpaper i ever saw(Y) :-)

Charlyk-Marlyk  ·  long ago

K  ·  long ago
really defines me. thanx man!

Jovaria  ·  long ago
not so impresive.

Suresh Khaire  ·  long ago
I liked all the shots very much. Excellent work indeed. Regards,

wayhong  ·  long ago
It is very match with my icon theme!!! I love'in it...!!!(L)

Princess  ·  long ago
You Rock!!!! (Y)

Armando  ·  long ago
realy realy nice!!! (Y)

Craig  ·  long ago
Brilliant, I love the Blue, Keep Up The Good Work!(Y)

zephb  ·  long ago
all of your wallpapers make me drool!

Scrilla  ·  long ago
Is that an image of a person to the left of the center swirl?

Badal  ·  long ago
very nice..just how do u do all this?

sweet angelface  ·  long ago
wow!!!!!! this is so amazing, im really loving this it shows the beauty of BLUE

Gopi  ·  long ago
Its simply amazing.I like it .I would like to appreciate the artist.

KPT n  ·  long ago
of pic. (Y)

|unknown|   ·  long ago
unreal. thanks man ;-)

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