All is Full of Ladybugs


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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  7 July 2006
Welcome to the beautiful world of microcosmos ;-) See previous wallpapers from the same series

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Gabby  ·  long ago

Kruppt  ·  long ago
I like this one, cool image. another keeper. Kruppt

Infininight  ·  long ago
How about a version without the red bugs at all? Understated might be cool as well.

kevcomposer  ·  long ago
It's a nice design, but the red ladybugs are kinda loud, if they were a bit more subdued it would be perfect.

Benoît  ·  long ago
Excellent except for one thing (and its kind of important) we have difficulties seeing our icons after applying the wallpaper...

MaGaLy  ·  long ago
I don't like Ladybugs, but It's a nice wallpaper!

Suzanne  ·  long ago
Very cute, though far too distracting to use as wallpaper! How about a less ladybug-saturated version? ;-)

Nadja  ·  long ago
preslatko ;)

seldomseen  ·  long ago
My grandparents raised oranges (in Orange County, CA, of course). We used to put them on the very young trees to stop pests. The tree trunks were solid red. Never too many. Thanks, vlad Y :-)

pebble  ·  long ago
berilin duvar kağıdından (: çok cici bişii :-)

ali  ·  long ago
si salvan las chinitas ;-)

Epit59  ·  long ago

Marielle Aglipay  ·  long ago

lateefah  ·  long ago
I love lady bugs. I collect them. I wonder what they eat

haha  ·  long ago
It's really funny one

|unknown|  ·  long ago
It is very nice, I like ;-)

An0nym0us  ·  long ago
Pretty! ♥ ur art! Yay ... You!

anonymously anonymous  ·  long ago

Violeta  ·  long ago
Labai didelis grožis ;-)

Laila  ·  long ago
so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

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