Apple Stitched


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  10 July 2007
Using the same Photoshop technique as  in previous wallpaper. For all Apple fans - I  am one of them!

NANY  ·  long ago
Esta muy muy cool!! I LOVE APPLE!!

Ruby  ·  long ago
Another awesome idea. LOVE IT!!!!

Ariyo  ·  long ago

morvarid  ·  long ago
its just great!

Warren Noronha  ·  long ago
Can we also have the vladstudios signature for the high resolution pics?

Max  ·  long ago
Super pour mon petit eMac. Merci beaucoup Vlad.

andree  ·  long ago
wowwww...i would definitely buy this if Apple actually sell their own jeans! maybe they will in the future huh? lol

Ludmila  ·  long ago
Appetite for jeans.

Nanda  ·  long ago

Sergio Alejandro Sotomayor Esqui  ·  long ago
I ? APPLE!!!!!!

LeFu  ·  long ago
Oh! I Want more :) And who is not love Apple Inc. :)

Joseph De Blasio  ·  long ago
Very Simple but very detailed and great! Keep it up mate! :) :D

Jazzy Bratty  ·  long ago
wow i so love this! i really like your works? man, how do you do it?

Caside  ·  long ago
haha. this is now on my Powerbook!!

ATiiiLA  ·  long ago
WwwwOOOoooow, I like it soooooooooo !!!!!!!! :o) Great work, EXTRA!!!!

pen pal  ·  long ago
That's IT!!!

speedy  ·  long ago

Eddy  ·  long ago
This wallpaper is awesome! It fits perfect on my 15.4" MacBook Pro. Keep up the great work, Vlad.

CJ  ·  long ago
This is awesome! Love Apple!

Matilda  ·  long ago
It's SO cool!! I LOVE APPLE!!!!!!!!!! ;)

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