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Vlad Gerasimov 10 July 2007
Using the same Photoshop technique as  in previous wallpaper. For all Apple fans - I  am one of them!
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Paolo Zacchi long ago
Great! my new wallpaper on 15" MacBook Pro!
Aleksey long ago
Hello Vlad! Greetings from Nizhny Novgorod! May be you can give us this beautiful texture of jeans(you used for the background), cause I need a fine jeans texture and can't find it(the problem is that I haven't scanner)=(
Lorenzo Luconi Trombacchi long ago
Fantastico!!! Thank you Vlad!
Jessica Schneider long ago
Very cool! Even if it is for Mac's ;)
Stefko long ago
LucasDT long ago
Muuuuuy bueno !!! Veeeeery cool !!!! How about one on Linux? LINUX! LINUX! LINUX!
air long ago
so nice
Appleboy long ago
Wow! it looks to awesome on my 20' IntelMac!!!!
LeFu long ago
Oh! I Want more :) And who is not love Apple Inc. :)
antonio Rodriguez Maqueda long ago
me encanta!
Mikey long ago
Cynthia long ago
It will be perfect for my new IntelMac. Love it! Thanks heaps.
Joseph De Blasio long ago
Very Simple but very detailed and great! Keep it up mate! :) :D
CJ long ago
This is awesome! Love Apple!
Jazzy Bratty long ago
wow i so love this! i really like your works? man, how do you do it?
Nanda long ago
Ruby long ago
Another awesome idea. LOVE IT!!!!
speedy long ago
ATiiiLA long ago
WwwwOOOoooow, I like it soooooooooo !!!!!!!! :o) Great work, EXTRA!!!!
Ariyo long ago
morvarid long ago
its just great!
Warren Noronha long ago
Can we also have the vladstudios signature for the high resolution pics?
Max long ago
Super pour mon petit eMac. Merci beaucoup Vlad.
andree long ago
wowwww...i would definitely buy this if Apple actually sell their own jeans! maybe they will in the future huh? lol
pen pal long ago
That's IT!!!
Caside long ago
haha. this is now on my Powerbook!!
Ludmila long ago
Appetite for jeans.
NANY long ago
Esta muy muy cool!! I LOVE APPLE!!
Matilda long ago
It's SO cool!! I LOVE APPLE!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Sergio Alejandro Sotomayor Esqui long ago
I ? APPLE!!!!!!
mahya long ago
its very beautiful
Peter Kahoun long ago
Vlad, did you consider to use the same jeans texture but little bit zoomed out? I find this version (in my resolution 1280x800 / 15.4'') too raw... (Please, do not see my comment as an evil critique, I just think that things can always be better.)
Eddy long ago
This wallpaper is awesome! It fits perfect on my 15.4" MacBook Pro. Keep up the great work, Vlad.
QTpie 27 January 2008
Wow vlad this is perfect to match my apple mac laptop! Thx vlad;)
videoflyer 27 March 2008
:-) This'll be perfect for my Windows machine at work. lol.
u wish 21 May 2008
LOL Registered users
janek 23 November 2008
super tapeta :D
deepak 4 January 2009
very cool & nice....
Nikolai 12 April 2009
Could you also place the same one on this website but with a banana?
Korean 3 May 2009
Emma 3 July 2009
You have the best ideas! I love this! great idea puting the bitten apple part there, also! And the fact its stiched and you can see more jean parts, awesome! :)
fechaed 1 November 2009
Muito chique, para pessoas com desktops limpos, sem aquele mundo de atalho trancando a tela. Lindo.
22 January 2010
Сергей В. 14 February 2010
Довольно таки оригинально..........................
abc 18 February 2010
It's SO cool!! I LOVE APPLE!!!!!!!!!! smile
Polluce75 13 March 2010
22 September 2010
12 December 2010
i am blessed to get this pic.......!!!!
lucky boy 24 February 2011
cooool pic i love it
revathi 22 March 2011
so happy
zoeliaa 25 June 2011
este dibujo es muy ... muy.. muy ya sé , muy molónnnnn yeahhhhh soy una chica . me llamo zoe . vusco noviette . y quiero follar un rato con alguien
MSDG2011 15 July 2011
rany 11 December 2011
very cool
Prachi Verma 18 October 2012
Zeppelin 29 October 2012
richuuuuuu 15 November 2012
cool pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniël 24 December 2012
Love this - love Apple too. Who doesn't?
ZaHra 10 February 2013
Apple. Big nice!
Muhammad Munir 15 May 2013
I really like it... But I want like in windows as well :(
? 13 March 2014
CookieCupcake 8 September 2017
Great for my laptop
Javier Diaz 25 May 2018
yzven 20 July 2019
sk555 26 July 2020
Отлично ))