Bound 4

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  29 September 2006
Continuing the series of small wooden talismans - this is vectorized image of indian talisman that my brother presented us from his travel to India. As with previous wallpapers from Bound series, dedicated to friendship and love :-)

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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
JazzMania - Vlad is short for Vladislav in my case :-)

Tom@s  ·  long ago
Great, absolutelly great!!! I'm really excited! Good job, Vlad

christine  ·  long ago
A family all in one. Very cool (Y)

virus  ·  long ago
nice one

hello  ·  long ago

hello  ·  long ago

virus  ·  long ago
nice one

António  ·  long ago
Looks like a work made by M C Escher. Very nice.

JazzMania  ·  long ago
Mr. Vladimir Gerasimov very interested about elephants...:-D

LucasDT  ·  long ago
Nice woody efect... thou I like your blue wallpapers better. Nice job...

Diego  ·  long ago
cute cute ute

Lucia  ·  long ago
So cute!!! ^^ i love the bound series i hope you make one with cats :-D

birphborph  ·  long ago
(Y) (L) this wallpaper! keep up the good work!

aks  ·  long ago
this is a nice one................

aks  ·  long ago
good work keep it up (Y)

Ivy  ·  long ago
Me like it :D

Bri  ·  long ago
I must find out how to get one of these -- I mean a real one.

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
Bri - I think you could buy them somewhere in India!

pari  ·  long ago
so cute. thanks

Matt  ·  long ago
Oh very nice. The elephants make a wonderful addition to this series, looks absolutly spectacular.

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