An Old Castle

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  19 February 2007
Inspired by beautiful old castles in Europe! As usually, created in Photoshop (trees by Context Free).

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rty  ·  long ago
your right Agi it is a step back in time

i c a  ·  long ago
This one's wicked!! (excuse the pun) :-D (I like the Panda idea too!! Even a Koala wud be kool!! ... how about something Australasian???)

Cynthia  ·  long ago
WOW! terrible impress with this one. Looks magical. How long before you'll start doing animations may I ask? Loving your work. Thanks heaps for sharing with the rest of us. ;-)

Mohammed Korashy- from egypt  ·  long ago
You made ahorrible castle lookslike anice home, I like it , Keep "Vlading" us.

son  ·  long ago

Unknown  ·  long ago
Awesome man!!! this is incredible!!! (Y) I (L) it. It's very cooooool ;-)

nikon  ·  long ago
I'm from Czech Republic.This is great!

aydin  ·  long ago
HEY you are amazing

sameer  ·  long ago
simply fantabulous

panky  ·  long ago

connie  ·  long ago
its great i just think a bit more dark colors would bring it out even better, still the art is great!! ;-)

rty  ·  long ago
nice work dude :)

rty  ·  long ago
whats the spirls for (on all the roof things)? i still love the pic.;-)

Agi  ·  long ago
Thanks a lot. I enjoy it everytime to select your internet side. It so many fun to see this pictures. Its a step back in the time when i was a child. P LEASE never stop to create more.

mammut  ·  long ago
Hey Vlad, nice work. Where the castle is located? It looks familiar :-)...

rty  ·  long ago
vald how can you make great wallpapers like this... how long does it take to make a wallpapper? and child books are a good idea ( itll make you famose)

destiny  ·  long ago
this is my favourite one. so beutiful and mistical, optimistical and dark at the same time... great!

puenguinlady  ·  long ago
it is awsome i realy like it!!!!!!

RADBABE  ·  long ago

AKASH  ·  long ago
in a word this site is wonderful !!!???

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