Vlad Gerasimov  ·  7 June 2004
There are a lot of beautiful girls in Paris, but of course my wife is the most beautiful of them all! :-)

Jaideep  ·  long ago
I agree with J :-l

GZ  ·  long ago
Very cool! So optimistic!

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
Boris - well I did not think about it from such point of view! There are some male characters on my site, but less than female - because I am a man!

Boris  ·  long ago
Don't you like boys?

IVO  ·  long ago
boskie! uwielbiam te tapetki!

zouoz  ·  long ago
very coool :-)

sifar at  ·  long ago
I really liked this wallpaper. This is a nice piece of art. Sifar

caroline massey  ·  long ago
its so refreshing and give joy to my heart so cutee. (L)

Kim  ·  long ago
I think this is great. It reminds me of the Wild Women. The colors are wonderful too! :-)

Pho  ·  long ago
colourful and fun

Мася   ·  long ago
Супер...=))...обажаю обои такой тематики..=))) (Y) (L)

kasta  ·  long ago
what the hell is the obvious its friggen stick figures!! sorry Vlad i like the colors i'm just not feelin the stick figures.

Dhawal  ·  long ago
How can one not get carried away by the pure joy in this picture?? I guess only hardcore pessimists can resist this.

Dhawal  ·  long ago
completely agree with sandy. this isn't supposed to be classy or rich or smooth. it's just.. gleeeee...... :-D (Y) (L) (Y) (L)

Snowbunny  ·  long ago
You are amazingly talented - I love your work!! (Y)

Jacqui  ·  long ago
super! :-)

blue_forever  ·  long ago
:-)(L) I L(L)VE (Y)

J  ·  long ago
"There are a lot of beautiful girls in Paris, but of course my wife is the most beautiful of them all! :-)" Those are supposed to be beatiful? :-S

The Ass Owl  ·  long ago
No to so good.

SAN^2  ·  long ago
На твердую четверку!

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