Cold Air

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  18 April 2004
I did similar wallpaper some time ago.... inspired by lord of the ring and cold air outside.

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Jhoy   ·  long ago
nice... dark hills.

Robert   ·  long ago
awesome creations I love these.

Jaideep   ·  long ago
Pretty enchanting, but too dark for a wallpaper I guess.

Philip aka Jazzman   ·  long ago
would look great in large frame hanging in an art gallery :-)   ·  long ago
jalemos parejo

gunz  ·  long ago
superb one - i feel the air being cold around me

mushroom  ·  long ago
oh my goodness... YUMMY! Definitely leave this darker one up even if you do make a lighter one... ahh you rock!

karma4u  ·  long ago
AAAhhhh... Its really cold out there!!

Jovaria  ·  long ago
i feel that i am in a plane flying over the top of hills and this is evening. it really feels real.

Michel  ·  long ago
You're a mastergraphicdesigner

Sylvia  ·  long ago

1998  ·  15 June 2008
its so coooooool i love it:D

kruz48  ·  8 July 2008
Added to my Firefox/ Aero Fox Theme ... perfect dark desktop. Thanks Vlad.

Buda  ·  8 January 2009
I feel the coolness of the air.

subrosa  ·  27 August 2011
Oooh… I like it! I like my wallpaper dark sometimes. Beautiful 

mvv  ·  5 April
Thanks Vlad :)

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